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The 3 Best Times to Buy or Lease a Luxury Car- Save Even More With BMW Rebates & Incentives

The downturn in the economy hasn’t only been tough on the consumer; it’s been extremely hard on luxury car manufacturers. As there are always two sides to a coin, the flipside is that now it is a very advantageous time for those considering leasing or buying a new BMW due to attractive BMW rebates and incentives.

Often, these incentives appear out of the blue and without any warning whatsoever. Incentives that could potentially save you a substantial amount of money off the negotiated purchase price of a new luxury automobile.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy or lease BMW price quote you will receive the best and most current BMW rebates and incentives available in , along with extremely competitive price quotes from top certified BMW dealerships who need to make a sale.

Run comparisons between BMW and its competitors to locate the best possible deal on the new luxury car best suited for your busy life.

The 3 Best Times to Get a Great Deal on a New BMW

In addition to attractive incentives, having the ability to negotiate a much better price on a new BMW is all about timing. Here are three times during the year when timing can be used to your advantage:

  1. After you have received all of your BMW rebate and incentive information, along with competitive price quotes, begin your negotiations with BMW dealerships during the last week of the month. Almost every dealership has a sales quota for selling a certain number of new cars within the month; use that to your advantage. BMW dealers and individual salespeople are under a tremendous amount of pressure during this time of the month, and many will be willing to negotiate a much better price simply to meet their quota (and get their bonus money).

  2. Another good time is during the summer/early fall when BMW dealerships need to make room on their lots for the next year’s models. The longer a BMW sits in the showroom, the higher your probability for negotiating a very attractive purchase price.

  3. Think about what you and your friends are doing over the Christmas holidays; vacations to visit family, shopping for gifts, planning holiday parties – pretty much anything but going to a BMW dealership. This is an excellent time to begin negotiations and visit a BMW dealership, as the majority of luxury car dealerships are struggling the week before and after Christmas. You’ll see for yourself exactly how motivated the BMW salesperson can be when you visit them a couple of days before Christmas. Needless to say, they’ll still try to get you to pay the big bucks, but just stand firm and watch them crumble when they realize the only way they’re going to sell a new car is by offering you an attractive discount.

5 Benefits Of Driving A Luxury Car

  • The leading advantage of driving a BMW is that it represents a marked higher class and prestige to owners. Nothing exudes success more than pulling up to a business meeting behind the wheel of a BMW.

  • Luxury automobiles tend to offer numerous enhanced safety features and, as an example, luxury cars from manufacturers including BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes and Lexus all were 2012 Top Safety Picks in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s more rigorous testing.

  • Luxury vehicles provide a plethora of performance benefits including a lot more power; for example, the BMW M-Class offers engines capable of generating from 400+ horses to 555hp to transport drivers from Point A to B in a blink of an eye.

  • Standard with luxury cars are comfort and style, with interior attributes of the highest quality. From imported wood finishes to the softest leather seating, a luxury car such as BMW makes the drive to the office or a weekend getaway much more pleasurable. Luxury cars also offer the highest quality and latest technological advancements, from rearview cameras to state of the art entertainment technology, everything a busy person needs to keep in touch with people around the block or in around the world.

  • Additional advantages to driving a BMW versus a lower class of vehicle includes easy and agile handling, spaciousness to provide a comfortable amount of legroom, noise reduction to ensure quietness, sleek designs and executive levels of service from the BMW dealership.

BMW College Graduate Program

BMW offers attractive incentives to recent, as well as soon-to-be college graduates to help them a start a career in a positive way. Projecting a successful persona is always important in business and it’s even more important when one is first starting out. BMW appreciates this and consequently offers:

A $1000 incentive, in addition to BMW’s best available purchase and lease rates through BMW financial services, to qualified college grads and soon-to-be graduating students. One needs to have received a college degree within the last twelve months or be eligible to graduate within the previous four months (from the date of the contract). Also required is verification of future employment and/or offer; or verification of current employment. Also required is the ability to show a minimum of a 24 month credit history with no major adverse reports.

BMW Rebates & Incentives

The following is an overview of several BMW purchase and leasing incentives currently being offered by BMW. BMW rebates & incentives are offered for a limited time and in the case of the below, they are set to expire 02/01/2021:

  • New BMW X5: 2.90% APR financing for up to 36 months; 3.90% APR for 48-60 months
  • New BMW 128i: 2.90% APR financing for up to 36 months; 3.90% APR for 48-60 months
  • New BMW 128i: Special Leasing offer of monthly payments under $370 per month & $500 option allowance for 36 month lease with no security deposit.

Even though the attractive incentives above will be expiring, when you request a free, no obligation to buy or lease BMW car price quote you will receive the most current available BMW rebates and incentives being offered in . You will also receive competing BMW price quotes from the top certified BMW dealers in your area.

Our service is 100% free and you are never obligated to buy or lease. Request as many luxury automobile price quotes as you wish, so you can locate the vehicle most suited for your needs and lifestyle.

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