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Get The 411 on 5 Special Buick Incentives Programs How You Could Save Thousands of $$$ on a New Buick

Trying to find the real price of a new Buick can be challenging. A first time buyer might pay one price, while an experienced and savvy car buyer could end up paying a much lower price. What if you could discover ways to get a Buick discount without having to rely solely on negotiation abilities?

Fortunately, with Buick Incentives and rebates you can get a great deal without being an experienced negotiator. In today’s tough economic climate, automakers like Buick offer great incentives and rebates (discounts) to help consumers be able to afford to drive one of their cars. They often make these offers ‘limited time only’, to give themselves flexibility for modifying them.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy Buick price quote, you’ll receive the best and most current available Buick incentives and rebates , along with competing Buick price quotes from top Buick dealers in your area.

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Understanding Buick Incentives

Buick incentives are also utilized if a particular model isn’t selling as quickly as they’d like and Buick needs to reduce the sales price to generate more sales. When you know about Buick incentives and rebates, along with how to tie them into the new car buying process, you could realize savings in the thousands on a new Buick.

Normally, new car rebates and incentives come in the form of consumer cash back rebates, 0% or otherwise low interest financing, along with special Buick lease terms. A lot of automakers such as Buick offer additional discounts to first time car buyers, recent college grads, members of the U.S. Armed Forces and other select segments of consumers.

Buick incentives and rebates can also help you choose which model you want to buy; for instance, perhaps one model has a $3000 cash rebate and has the same purchase price as one that doesn’t have a rebate/incentive attached; you’ll quickly see which could be the better deal and value.

Special Buick Incentives Programs

As we discussed above, many automakers, including Buick (part of GM), offer special prices and incentives to certain segments of consumers. Here are five special programs that combined with Buick incentives offered to the general public, could save you thousands of dollars on a new Buick.

#1: The GM Family First Program

You could benefit from buying or leasing a new Buick through GM’s Family First Program, offering favored pricing & employee vehicle allowance (EVA) to employees, along with a lot of their family members:

Spouse/children/grandchildren/stepchildren/step-grandchildren/grandparents( and in-laws/same-sex domestic partners along with the same eligible family members. These special offers and reduced prices are available on the majority of Buick/GM/Chevrolet/Cadillac models, though sometimes there may be a model(s) not eligible.

#2: GM Supplier Discount Programs

An eligible supplier’s employees/staff receive a special reduced price below the MSRP when buying through the GM supplier discount program.

Qualified supplier’s employees may share their discount with 1 friend or family member, the program is compatible with the majority of regionally promoted cash back rebates or special financing/APR incentives.

#3: GM’s Military Discount

Considerable military discounts are offered to active duty, reserves and retirees, (incl. spouses), of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard on most 2012 Buick/Chevrolet/GMC/Cadillac vehicles. USAA members could also be entitled to receive an additional $750 off the purchase of eligible new GM vehicles, in addition to the current available incentives offered to the general public.

#4: GM’s Alumni & Student Discount

You could potentially save $1000’s on eligible new Buick/Chevrolet/GMC models. If you presently are a college student attending an accredited 2 - 4 year school, a recent graduate (no more than 2 years ago) or current nursing school or grad student, you’re eligible for reduced pricing below the MSRP and, in most cases, you could accept available college discounts with other Buick incentives being offered.

#5: GM’s Credit Union Member Discount

If you belong to a participating (Credit Union) CU, you could be eligible for the same preferential pricing, and in many instances the CU member discount can be used with other Buick incentives being offered in your area.

Buick Incentives & Rebates

To give you a better idea of how much you could save through Buick incentives being offered to the general public, here are three examples. Like we mentioned above, these are ‘limited time only’ offers and as such they expire on 4/30/12; however, they will paint a good picture of the potential savings:

As you can see from these examples, you could save up to $1500 on a new Buick. When you request a free, no obligation to buy Buick price quote our database will search for the top available Buick incentives and rebates being offered .

When you combine those incentives with price quotes from top competing Buick dealers in your area, you’ll be in the driver’s seat to saving a lot of money on a new Buick.

Does someone in your family work for Buick or GM? Are you currently attending college or recently graduated? Maybe you belong to a participating Credit Union or one of your friends work for an authorized Buick/GM supplier. Get an even better deal with these programs.

Our service doesn’t cost you any money and you’re never obligated to buy, easily find the best deal on a new Buick .

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