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Discover Buick Rebates and Incentives Offered , and Let Them Get You into a Luxury Car at an Affordable Price

If you are looking for an even better deal on a new Buick, taking advantage of Buick rebates and incentives is a great way to get one. You can use rebates and incentives to lessen the overall cost of your new Buick, and also combine Buick rebates and incentives with GM discount programs (that you qualify for), to receive even greater savings on your new Buick.

Get started on getting a great deal on a new luxury Buick vehicle today! Request a free no obligation to buy Buick price quote and get access to up to date pricing information, Buick rebates and incentives and hidden internet only discount offers available from dealers in . It’s quick, it’s easy and best of all it’s completely free and there is never an obligation to buy, what are you waiting for?

Feast Your Eyes on the Amazing Buick Lineup

Buick has a great selection of luxury vehicles to choose from, all of which will give you the comfort and prestige you should expect from a Buick. Request a free Buick price quote today and get access to updated pricing information on the Buick model of your choice.


Buick Verano
The Buick Verano is more than just your average sedan; it will engulf you in luxury so you never want to drive anything else. It has the perfect amount of trunk space, and a design that is both purposeful and comfortable. The signature black chrome waterfall grill and available GPS navigation system will blaze the way where ever life takes you. With a reasonable starting price you won’t have to sacrifice all of your hard earned cash to experience extravagance.


Buick Regal
This luxury sport sedan will make you the envy of every driver on the road. It’s precise and agile handling, combined with your choice of three engines will allow you to have heart-stopping performance, great efficiency or a combination of both. It has a sport like exterior and an interior that will leave you satisfied. You deserve the best, and the Buick Regal will give you all this and more.


Buick LaCrosse
If you want a smooth and enjoyable ride, then the Buick LaCrosse is the sedan for you. It comes with a wide array of available innovations that will give you more convenience than you ever thought possible. It comes with an astonishing amount of legroom that puts other luxury models to shame. Its flowing design will enable you to cruise in the style and class you deserve.


Buick Enclave
If you are in the market for the finest luxury crossover SUV on the market, then look no further than the Buick Enclave. With three rows of luscious seating, immense legroom and a sophisticated mahogany steering wheel, you will drive feeling like a king…or queen. Its curvy design makes it stand out from the crowd and give you the prestige and comfort you deserve.

Use the GM Family First Program and Supplier Discount for Friends to Get Even Greater Savings on a New Buick

If you are looking for a great way to get additional savings on your new Buick, then you need to see if you qualify to take advantage of the GM Family First Program. Seeing as Buick is a GM model, you may be able to get amazing savings if you or a family member (including retired family members) works for GM. Under the Family First Program you can buy one vehicle per authorization number. You can secure the authorization number from GM, if you are an employee, or your family member working for GM, if you are not an employee.

You can take advantage of the GM Family First Program if you are related to a GM employee in one of the following ways: spouse, child, stepchild, grandchild, step grandchild, grandparent (as well as in-law and step grandparent), parent, stepparent, sibling, mother/father in law, son/daughter in law, brother/sister in law or a same sex domestic partner (where you are treated the same as a spouse).

The GM Supplier Discount for Friends is also available and enables a GM employee to give friends preferred pricing enjoyed by GM suppliers, on select GM models. The GM employee needs to request the authorization number, and there are rules as to how many they can procure per month. You can use these savings alongside standard GM incentives and rebates for an even better deal on certain GM models.

Request a free no obligation Buick price quote today and uncover the most up to date rebates and incentives on the new Buick models of your choice.

Current Buick Rebates and Incentives

Even if you do not qualify for savings under the GM Family First Program or Supplier Discount for Friends Program, you can still utilize standard Buick rebates and incentives to get a great deal on a new Buick. Take a look at a few offers from Buick to get a general idea of the potential savings that could be ahead.

  • 1.9 APR financing for 24, 36, 48 and 60 months and up to $1,000 rebate on the Buick LaCrosse and Buick Regal.
  • Up to a $1,500 rebate on the Buick Enclave.
  • 3.90 APR financing for 24, 36, 48 and 60 months on the Buick Verano.

Keep in mind that the above Buick rebates and incentives will expire on 4/30/12, request a free no obligation to buy Buick price quote to uncover the most up to date Buick rebates and incentives in .

Now that you know the potential savings available when you buy a new Buick vehicle, you can get started on your way to driving a luxury car for less money. You don’t have to break the bank to be able to afford to drive in the lavishness you are entitled to. Request a free no obligation to buy Buick price quote and get access to the latest Buick rebates and incentives available in . Get started today!

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