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Pay Below Invoice Price with Buick Rebates

Buick Rebates
Looking for an unbeatable new car deal? Request for a price quote for current offers and specials in your area on new Buick vehicles.

Aiming to increase awareness and sales, Buick has been offering some of the most competitive rebates and incentives in the industry. No matter the time of year, excellent Buick rebates and incentives can be found. Rebates and incentives vary by make, model and region, and are often available for a limited time. It is important to request a free price quote on your new Buick in order to locate the maximum savings possible.

How to Take Advantage of Local Competing Buick Dealerships With Secret Rebates

Requesting multiple price quotes for different makes and models can highly benefit you. By nature dealerships have to compete with each other for your business. By requesting multiple free price quotes on different new vehicles, you can compile all the top incentives being offered by different dealerships. These offers can be used to leverage a better offer for your new Buick.

The Top 2 Buick Incentive Offers

  1. Cash Back Rebates- this incentive offers you immediate gratification when you buy your new Buick. Upon purchase the manufacturer of your new car or truck send you a cash rebate. This is a great short-term incentive.
  2. Low APR Financing- low APR financing affect the long term nature of how much you spend. When you receive low APR rates you save money over time in how much you pay in interest charges each month

The Expert Way to Calculate Which Car Buying Discount is Best for You

  • Cash Rebate- Subtract the rebate and down payment from the final sale price of your new Buick. This total represents how much you will need to finance. Based on the APR of the loan you can determine the complete cost of financing
  • Low APR- Subtract your down payment from the final sale price of your new Buick. Using the lower APR calculate the complete cost of the financing you will require.

Compare these two totals and you will discover which incentive offers the most savings!

Drive Away in Your New Buick for Less than Dealer Cost

Your free, no obligation price quote is the key to paying below dealer cost for your new Buick. Huge savings incentives are offered everyday by your local Buick dealerships. Get the most up to date pricing and incentive information with your free price quote.

New Car Dealer Rebates
  • Request a free no-obligation new Buick price quote.
  • Locate Buick dealers in your area offering clearance prices.
  • Uncover all current rebates and incentives, including hidden Internet only offers.
  • Find Hidden Car Cash Rebates & Save. Limited Time Offer. Check Now!
A few words from our customers
Disclaimer: Current rebates and incentives may change without notice. Most offers are available for a limited period of time or may vary be region/time of year. We strive to keep our list of rebate and incentives as up-to-date as possible, but cannot guarantee availability. Zero down offers and financing rates are dependent on credit score, eligibility is determined by the dealership. New offers appear daily, if you don't see an offer today for the car or truck you want, check back soon.