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How to Get Hold of Chevrolet Dealer Incentives

Saving money on a new Chevrolet is made easy if you get hold of the most current Chevrolet dealer incentives. Request a FREE online price quote to immediately find:

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Requesting a FREE online price quote is the fast, easy, and effective way to get Chevrolet dealer incentives, cash rebates, and the best local deals in . You don’t need to haggle with a car salesman and there’s absolutely no obligation to buy.

The Difference between Customer Incentives and Dealer Incentives Customer incentives are those that you see being advertised on TV and on the internet. They can come in many forms, such as cash rebates and special low-APR financing rates, but the effect is the same – customer incentives are necessary to attract more sales and help the consumer save money on a new car. Customer incentives will also differ according to your region.

Dealer incentives are given by the factory to the car dealer for a multitude of reasons. They’re given in order to generate more sales, which also reduces the cost of the car. Dealer incentives can also be given by the manufacturer when the car dealer reaches a sales quota during a specific time of the year. Remember that the car dealer is not obligated to pass on these incentives to the customer, but it always helps to negotiate the price of the car in order to arrive at a better deal.

The Dealer Holdback and How it’s Used as an Incentive for the Car Dealer

The dealer holdback is different from the dealer incentives. Some car dealers claim that they use the dealer holdback to pay for advertising costs, while some car dealers say that the holdback is used to pay for dealership overhead costs such as electricity and salesman’s commissions. The truth is that the dealer holdback is estimated to be 2% to 3% of the MSRP or dealer invoice price, and is used to boost the operating capital of the dealer.

The holdback is not officially classified as an incentive, but it can be used by the car dealer as an added incentive to quickly dispose new cars off the lot to get added profits. If you negotiate the selling price, the car dealer can share with you a small portion of the dealer holdback to officially seal the deal, saving you hundreds of dollars on your new Chevrolet.

Use Chevrolet Dealer Incentives to Your Advantage When Buying a New Chevy Vehicle

If you’re planning to buy a new Chevy in the near future, it’s best to enquire if the dealer is getting a factory incentive for selling the vehicle. If the dealer says yes, you can then negotiate a lower asking price, based on a small portion of the Chevrolet dealer incentive.

There’s no reason that the car dealer will say ‘no.’ Remember that dealer incentives are special bonuses given by the factory to the car dealer to rejuvenate sluggish sales on a particular model. If the car dealer agrees to your proposal, everyone is happy. You get the car that you want, while the dealer gets the incentive from the factory by simply selling the vehicle to you.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about customer incentives either. When it all adds up, you will quickly understand how some people manage to pay less on a new car, while allowing the car dealer to retain handsome profits.

The Latest Chevrolet Rebates and Dealer Incentives

Chevrolet dealers are constantly offering money-saving rebates and incentives on all their vehicles. The Chevrolet Avalanche is one of those pickup trucks that garners high scores when it comes to versatility and refinement. The Avalanche comes with up to $2,500 in consumer cash or 0% APR financing for 72 months.

The Chevrolet Colorado is a compact pickup truck that comes at an affordable price. You can save more money on the Colorado by taking advantage of the up to $2,000 through a consumer rebate or 1.9% APR financing for 60 months.

The Chevrolet Silverado can be yours with up to a $2,000 in consumer cash rebate or 0% APR financing for 72 months. The Chevy Suburban comes with up to $1,000 in consumer cash or low APR rate of 3.9% for 60 months.

The Chevrolet Traverse crossover SUV also comes with up to a $2,000 in consumer cash or you can finance at 0% APR for 60 months. The Chevrolet Impala allows you to save more by offering as much as $3,500 in consumer cash or 0% APR financing for 72 months. The Chevrolet Malibu is available with up to $3,000 in consumer cash or 0% APR financing for 60 months.

All Chevrolet rebates and incentive offers are valid until 4/30/2012.

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