Top Chrysler Rebates & Incentives
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Take Advantage of Chrysler Incentives and Pay the Lowest Prices on a new Chrysler

The secret to paying the lowest prices on any new Chrysler is by taking advantage of the latest Chrysler incentives offered . With low APR financing rates and consumer cash rebates, Chrysler incentives are designed to help you save money while still driving the vehicle that you really want.

Request a FREE online price quote to quickly find updated Chrysler incentives in less than a minute! Since new Chrysler rebates will vary according to your region, requesting a price quote will provide you with the latest offers from Chrysler dealerships in your area. This is more convenient than visiting multiple dealerships, and less stressful than haggling with the car salesman!

By simply requesting a FREE online price quote, you will also find:

  • All the top local deals from U.S. certified Chrysler dealerships !
  • Updated pricing and discount information on the latest vehicles from Chrysler.
  • Chrysler incentives and regional rebates so you get to save more money on your new car!

What are the Different Types of Rebates and Incentives

Besides offering cash rebates and low APR financing loans and lease specials, Chrysler dealers can also offer the following types of rebates and incentives:

  1. Loyalty rebates – these are given to buyers who previously owned or leased from the same dealer or manufacturer. Loyalty rebates are given as a reward to returning customers.
  2. Student/college rebates – these are given to college students or college graduates, comes in the form of a cash discount combined with $0 down payment leasing and financing offers.
  3. Military rebates – usually comes in the form of a bonus cash discount, given to members of the U.S. military as an added incentive.
  4. Conquest rebates – these are given to buyers who switch from one car brand to the other.
  5. Employee rebates – these are given to part-time or full-time employees of a particular manufacturer, combining cash rebates with low vehicle pricing and added discounts.

Start by requesting a FREE price quote to get accurate dealer prices, the latest deals, and any available rebates and incentives on the car that you want. By comparing multiple dealer offers, you can successfully negotiate the lowest selling price without leaving home.