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4 Tips to Get the Best Deal with Dodge Challenger Rebates or Low APR Financing

Driving a new Dodge Challenger is easier and more affordable than you might think. When you take advantage of incredible incentives that Dodge is offering and combine them with Dodge dealers competing to give you a great deal, you could save thousands off the price of a new Challenger.

Request a free, no-obligation-to-buy Dodge Challenger price quote and we’ll send you current available Dodge Challenger rebates and incentives that Dodge is offering in , along with the best pricing information from top competing Dodge dealers.

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The Powerful Dodge Challenger


The Dodge Challenger is a five-seat coupe and is available in three trim levels that relate to different engine sizes: SXT, R/T and SRT8 392. The SXT is powered by a 3.6 liter V6 that generates 305hp; the R/T has a 5.7 liter V8 offers 376hp and the SRT8 392 with a 6.4 liter V8 producing 470hp.

Standard on the SXT includes features such as keyless entry and ignition, power accessories, cruise control, auto climate control, rear A/C outlets, tilt-and-telescoping leather encased steering wheel (with audio controls), a six-way power driver seat (with power lumbar adjustment), a 60/40-split-folding rear seat, mileage computer and other features.

The optional SXT Plus package gives drivers fog lights, auto headlights, leather upholstery, heated front seats, auto-dimming rearview mirror, illuminated visor mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity and streaming audio, along with an upgraded audio system with satellite radio and an iPod/USB audio interface. The SXT also offers a number of other packages to fully customize to a driver’s needs and desires.

The R/T gets the SXT’s Super Sport Group (except with 18-inch alloy wheels), auto headlamps, fog lamps, heated mirrors, a USB/iPod interface, satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity/streaming audio. The R/T Plus Package adds the rest of the features of the SXT Plus Package that weren’t standard. There are additional packages available to tailor the R/T to a drivers individual tastes.

The SRT8 392 offers all of the basic features of the R/T, and adds features such as sport seats, upgraded trip computer with real-time performance data, upgraded brakes and suspension and a one-day driver training course at the Richard Petty Racing School, among many other standard features. The SRT8 392 also offers many optional features.

The Dodge Challenger’s Reliability

The Dodge Challenger scored well for reliability, especially in the areas of acceleration, exhaust note, civilized ride, quietness and controls. Reliability of new models is expected to be an impressive 27% above average.

It’s also worth noting that 91% of Dodge Challenger owners indicated that if they were in a buying position again, they would still buy their Dodge Challenger.

How The Dodge Challenger Rates Against the Competition


When comparing a competitively equipped Dodge Challenger against a similarly equipped Ford Mustang and Hyundai Genesis, the Challenger’s starting price was $8000-9000 less than the Genesis and a only couple of thousand dollars higher than the Mustang’s starting price.

The Challenger definitely blows the competition out of the water when it comes to power, with 470hp compared to the Mustang with 305 horses and the Genesis at 333hp. Fuel efficiency for the Challenger averages approximately 17/25 with the Mustang and Genesis at approximately 19/29. You’ll go more miles in the Challenger with its approximate fuel tank capacity of 19.5 versus the Mustang’s 16 and the Genesis at 19.3. The Challenger and Mustang offer a bumper to bumper limited warranty of three years/36,000 miles, with the Genesis offering five years/60,000 miles.

What Others are Saying About the Impressive Dodge Challenger

“Those old enough to remember the first muscle car era will appreciate the Challenger’s nostalgic looks, but even younger shoppers will admire the coupe’s clean lines.”
Motor Authority

“Slip the pistol-grip shifter into fifth or even fourth gear at 70 mph and the reward is high-RPM fun as the 6.4-liter engine blares from the large dual exhausts. Expect many thumbs-up and many wrinkles from the smiles you can’t wipe off your face.”
Automobile Magazine

“Tip the throttle and you’ll be rewarded with neck-snapping acceleration and the sort of rumbling exhaust note that is, for muscle car fans, the equivalent of popping an automotive Viagra.”
The Detroit Bureau

Great Examples of Dodge Challenger Rebates/Incentives

Dodge has an excellent track record for offering incentives and consumer cash rebates to help new car buyers own a new Dodge for less. Let’s take a look at a couple of current offers from Dodge on the Challenger, so you get a better feel for savings potential.

It’s important to remember that Dodge, like their competitors, offer time-sensitive promotions of usually only a month or two. This provides them with the flexibility to change and even increase their customer offers. The current promotions used below for illustration purposes will be expiring 4/12.

  • As low as zero percent financing for up to 36 months
  • Up to $1500 in consumer cash

Keep in mind that these rebates and incentives are offered by Dodge, not individual Dodge dealerships. Even though you’ll be negotiating a better deal on the sale price of your new Challenger, you’re still entitled to consumer cash rebates and incentives from Dodge. When you request a free, no-obligation to buy Dodge Challenger price quote, you’ll receive the most current available customer rebates and incentives being offered by Dodge in .

4 Tips For Choosing The Best Deal: Dodge Challenger Consumer Cash Rebates or Low APR Financing?

It can be rather stressful deciding which offer is the best, a Dodge Challenger consumer cash rebate or a low APR financing offer. You’ll only be able to take one offer and here are four tips that will help you make the decision that you feel is best in your situation.

  1. While it’s true that low and especially zero percent APR financing would save you in interest payments for the term of your loan, you should be aware of the fact that you’ll need excellent credit in order to be eligible for that type of offer.

  2. Obtain copies of your credit report to see what your score is and whether you would qualify. You can also use that opportunity to make sure there aren’t any mistakes that are lowering your score. If you see that you wouldn’t qualify due to a poor credit rating, take any offered consumer cash rebate, as credit doesn’t factor into those offers.

  3. If you have good credit then you simply need to calculate the amount you’d save over the term of your car loan through low APR or 0% APR financing compared to the going interest rate and the amount of the rebate. If you see you’d save a lot more money with the incentive, take it.

  4. Go to your local bank and speak with a representative about what they would offer you in financing terms; they might make you a good deal to get your business. If you do consider financing through them, take the Dodge Challenger consumer cash rebate. Have the best of both worlds.

Get started on the road to saving big money on a new Dodge Challenger and request a free, no-obligation-to-buy Dodge Challenger price quote. We’ll send directly to your computer the most current available consumer cash rebates and incentives that Dodge is offering in .

You’ll also receive the best pricing offers and internet incentives that competing Dodge dealers are offering, giving you everything you need to negotiate in confidence for the best possible deal on a new Challenger.

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