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4 Tips to Understand Dodge Incentives & Dealer Holdbacks to Get the Deal of a Lifetime

Determining the right price to pay for a new Dodge can be mind-boggling. An uninformed new car buyer could pay one price, while a savvy negotiator could pay a lot less. Below are four tips to give you a better understanding of Dodge incentives and dealer holdbacks.

When you have the insider information about incentives and how to use them during the negotiation process, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in savings.

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The Versatile Dodge Line-Up

From mid-size sedans like the Avenger and hatch-back styled Caliber, to high performance muscle car styled power horses like the Challenger – all the way to the other end of the spectrum to a family mini-van, the Grand Caravan, Dodge has an affordable vehicle that can be tailored to be as unique as you. Even the entry level Avenger is offered in four trim levels and the base model includes standard features such as keyless entry, full power accessories, cruise control and A/C, to name just a few.

Looking for a flexible SUV? The Dodge Durango offers up to 50 possible seating arrangements. Mix and match configurations to create the perfect SUV to accommodate your family’s active lifestyle. Want to keep the kids entertained on your next road trip? With the available back seat DVD entertainment system they can watch DVDs or play video games.

4 Tips To Understand Dodge Incentives & Dealer Holdbacks

  1. Consumer Dodge incentives and rebates are essentially discounts offered by Dodge to encourage you to buy one of their vehicles and not their competitors’. This also helps them drive sales on models that aren’t moving as fast as they’d like.

  2. Dodge incentives offered to new car buyers are usually cash rebates, zero or low APR financing and special leasing terms. Additionally, there are special groups of people who are offered special discounts, such as first time car buyers, members of the US Armed Forces and college grads.

  3. It’s extremely important that you don’t confuse the Dodge consumer incentives with the Dodge “dealer holdback”. This “holdback” is normally 2%-3% of either the MSRP or factory invoice price and is returned to the dealership at a predetermined time, normally quarterly. This is a way of increasing the dealership’s cashflow and helping with certain overhead costs. This holdback, combined with sales and volume bonuses, end of year bonuses, regional sales bonuses and special dealership sales programs drastically reduces the amount the dealer really pays for a new car.

  4. While the Dodge dealer is under no obligation whatsoever to pass on any of their bonus money or holdback, they can use it during negotiations to offer you a much better price on a new Dodge. Keep in mind that just because one Dodge dealer might be greedy and unwilling to share these profits, doesn’t mean his competitor down the street will be – the auto industry is a dog eat dog business and many car dealers will go to great lengths to beat their competitor.

Dodge Incentives & Rebates Equal Big Savings

Dodge has a good track record of offering car buyers attractive rebates and incentives. When you combine these consumer incentives with your knowledge of factory-to-dealer rebates and incentives, you’ll be in a position to negotiate a great deal on your new Dodge.

Here are just a couple illustrations of Dodge consumer incentives that are set to expire on 4/12. All automakers set expiration dates on their promotions to give them flexibility to modify and even increase an offer. That benefits you, because with your free Dodge price quote you’ll receive Dodge’s most current available rebates and incentives being offered in , they could possibly be even more generous than the ones shown below.

  • On the Dodge Charger, there’s an offer of 0% APR for up to 36 months, or $2000 cash back
  • The Dodge Challenger has a 0% APR financing offer for up to 36 months, or $1500 cash back

Now that you’ve learned how to use customer incentives, along with the factory-to-dealer incentives and dealer holdback to negotiate a great deal, request a free, no-obligation-to-buy Dodge price quote and receive the best pricing information and internet incentives from competing Dodge dealers.

When you have Dodge dealers competing for your business, combined with great incentives and rebates from Dodge, you’ll drive away with the best possible deal on the new Dodge that’s perfect for you and your active lifestyle.

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