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5 Special Dodge Dealership Incentives You Need To Know About To Negotiate An Even Better Deal Using Dodge Rebates And Incentives

Dodge incentives and cash rebates are offered to new car buyers, just like you, to encourage you to buy one of their new cars or trucks and not buy from their competitor. Dodge may also offer special incentives on certain models that aren’t moving as quickly as they would like.

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In order to get the best deal using Dodge rebates and incentives, you need to understand exactly what they are and how they work. Afterwards we’ll talk about how you can use them to negotiate with Dodge dealerships to get an even better deal.

  • Bonus cash, often called customer cash, is a cash rebate that the manufacturer, Dodge, pays directly to new car buyers, like you. There are several kinds of cash rebates, each with various requirements; a “loyalty bonus” could be offered to current customers of Dodge as a thank you for not buying from the competition or, for example, if you currently own a Chevy you could be offered a “conquest bonus” to make your next car a Dodge.

  • Dealer cash, sometimes referred to as a factory-to-dealer-incentive, is paid to the Dodge dealership from the manufacturer and the Dodge dealer can use this money anyway they want, for employee bonuses or advertising, to increase their profit margin or pass some of it onto new car buyers to make a sale. These incentives can amount to thousands upon thousands of dollars.

  • 0% or low APR financing is precisely what it indicates. Dodge is offering you attractive financing terms on a new Dodge model. What no automaker spells out in huge letters, however, is that you need to have excellent credit to qualify.

  • You will be asked to choose between a low APR offer and bonus cash rebate. To see whether the cash rebate or APR offer will save you the most in the long run simply calculate how much you will save in interest, compared to the standard APR rate, against the amount of a cash rebate.

  • If you’ve wondered why Dodge will make you choose between the offers, it’s because they lose money on these promotions and they’re trying to reduce the amount of that loss.

So, how does being aware of the dealer’s incentives, along with Dodge consumer rebates and incentives help you get a great deal? Here’s the answer:

  • Simply because the new Dodge you want to buy has a cash-back rebate or low APR financing offer, doesn’t mean the purchase price on the vehicle cannot be negotiated. Those offers come directly from Dodge, not the Dodge dealerships. Consequently the dealership has plenty of room to negotiate the sale price.

  • If you know that Dodge is offering their dealerships incentives to sell a certain model faster, then you know the Dodge dealership has even more wiggle room and can still make a profit on the sale.

  • Don’t be greedy and think that any dealership will just hand over all of their profits, that’s a bit unrealistic. If you negotiate with a win/win in mind, you can negotiate a very fair price. This just means that while the dealership still makes a profit, they aren’t making thousands upon thousands of dollars off of you.

  • Lastly, while in a perfect world these great consumer rebates and offers would apply to Dodge’s top of the line vehicles with all of the high end options, it’s pretty certain that won’t be the case – it’s possible, but it’s unlikely.

5 Special Dodge Dealership Incentives You Need To Know About

Before you start negotiating with Dodge dealers after receiving your free Dodge price quote, there are certain dealership incentives you need to know about – they include the following:

  1. Dodge Incentive Programs: Each month, automakers like Dodge send their dealerships a list of models they need them to focus on selling and they offer the dealerships extra incentives. This would allow the Dodge dealer to reduce the price of the car during negotiations.

  2. Special Dodge Discounting Programs (College Students, Suppliers, etc.): Oftentimes there are special programs available on select models that you may be interested in buying. While an honest, upfront salesperson would offer you the opportunity to benefit from one of these programs, others may only do so if you specifically bring it up.

  3. Specialized Dodge Model Incentive Programs: Frequently a Dodge dealer may be sent an email that the manufacturer has implemented a limited time offer on a specific model that isn’t selling as fast as they’d like. It’s important that you know that such programs exist so you can discuss this with the multiple Dodge dealers you will be negotiating with – they’ll know that you’re aware that these types of promotions do occur.

  4. The Dealer Holdback: This is a big source of hidden profit for Dodge dealers. A dealer holdback is typically around 2%-3% of either the dealer invoice price or the MSRP and is returned to the Dodge dealer, normally on a quarterly basis. Don’t expect for any dealer to offer this money to you, but knowing in advance about this profit generator will show them you’re informed. When they know you’re talking with many of their competitors, they may cut to the chase and offer you some of this profit as an incentive to buy from them.
  5. Dodge Special Discount Programs: Sometimes, Dodge will offer special discounting on a model, or the dealership themselves will, utilizing money that technically should be passed onto the salesperson. Again, they won’t just offer this money, but asking for a piece of the pie can help you save even more.

Dodge Rebates & Incentives Lead To Big Savings

When you combine your knowledge of the many dealer incentives, including the profit generator “dealer holdback” with Dodge customer rebates and incentives, you’ll be in the driver’s seat to negotiate a sweet deal on a new Dodge.

Let’s review a few current Dodge customer incentive offers so you have a good idea of how much money you could save. Please note, that to allow Dodge to be flexible there are time restrictions on all special offers and the ones we are listing below will be expiring 4/12.

With your free Dodge price quote you will receive Dodge’s most current available rebates and incentives being offered in , they could possibly be even more generous than the ones illustrated below:

  • Dodge Charger: 0% APR for up to 36 months or $2000 cash back
  • Dodge Challenger: 0% APR financing for up to 36 months or $1500 cash back

Now that you know about all the hidden ways Dodge dealers generate profit, along with special discounting and incentives, the only thing left to do is request your free, no-obligation-to-buy Dodge price quote. You’ll receive Dodge’s most current customer incentives, along with the best prices and internet specials that competing Dodge dealerships are offering.

When Dodge dealerships compete to give you a great deal, along with incentives offered by Dodge, you’ll be on the road to huge savings on a new Dodge.

Your Dodge price quotes won’t cost you a dime and you’re under no obligation to buy – you have nothing to lose and great deals to gain.

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