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5 Steps to Get a Great Deal On A New GMC Using GMC Incentives & Rebates for Big Savings

When you learn about the various GMC incentives and rebates, along with dealer cash and holdbacks, you’ll have all the information you need to negotiate the deal of a lifetime.

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Popular Rebate and Incentive Types

GMC incentives and cash rebates are offered as encouragement to new car buyers to make their new car or truck a GMC product. GMC might also offer incentives on certain models that aren’t selling quite as fast as they’d like. The first thing you need to know is exactly what the various types of rebates and incentives are – then we’ll discuss how you can use these to negotiate a great deal.

  • Bonus cash is also referred to as customer or consumer cash and is a rebate offered directly by GMC towards the purchase of one of their vehicles. There are many different types of cash rebate offers, some with specific requirements. Loyalty bonus cash is offered to current GMC customers to keep them ‘loyal’ to GMC. This means that, if you currently own a competitors car, you could be offered a ‘conquest’ bonus so you’ll switch to GMC.

  • Dealer cash, oftentimes called factory-dealer-incentives, are paid to the GMC dealership directly from GMC and the dealer can use this anyway they please, for employee bonuses, profit or passing some of it on to you to make the sale. These incentives can amount to thousands upon thousands of dollars!

  • A Low or 0% APR financing offer is exactly what it says; they’re offering to finance your new GMC at a low or zero percent rate, however, the catch is you must have excellent credit in order to be eligible. The best thing for you to do is get pre-approved ahead of time, so you have another option.

  • You’ll need to choose between a bonus cash offer and low or 0% interest. To determine which offer will save you the most, simply calculate your savings from a low or 0% interest rate against the standard going rate – then compare to the amount you’re being offered as a cash rebate.

  • The reason you’ll be asked to choose is that manufacturer actually loses money on these offers, so of course they try to minimize their loss by requiring customers to choose one or the other.
So how does knowing about the various customer and dealer incentives help you? Here’s how:
  • Just because the GMC model you want to buy comes with a bonus cash rebate, low APR financing, etc. doesn’t mean you shouldn’t negotiate the sale price. Those offers are from the manufacturer, not the dealership, and the dealer has plenty of wiggle room on a car’s price tag.

  • This is particularly true if you know that GMC is pushing their dealerships to sell a particular model. With the incentives, the GMC dealer has even more room to play with and still generate a profit.

  • Keep your eye on the ball, however, and don’t expect the dealership to just give you all of their profits. Work towards creating a win/win. They need to make a profit, just not as much as they’ll try to make on the sale.

  • Finally, when you’re evaluating the manufacturer’s incentives, keep your expectations realistic. While yes it would be great if the fastest, best equipped GMC had a huge incentive attached, it’s a longshot. Most times the incentives are offered as encouragement to facilitate a sale of a model that’s not selling quickly.

The Difference Between Dealer Holdback, Incentives & Rebates: 5 Steps to Getting a Great Deal

When you know how the dealer holdback works, along with factory to dealer incentives and customer rebates/incentives, you’ll have the edge during your negotiations.

  1. The factory invoice price shown on the GMC dealer’s invoice from the manufacturer is theoretically what they paid to GMC for a new car. This amount is less that the MSRP you see on that new GMC you you have your eye on. The MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is just that, it’s the highest amount GMC feels the car could be sold for.

  2. New cars are rarely sold at the MSRP and, in fact, some new cars are actually sold below the dealership’s factory invoice price. You might be asking yourself, “How is it possible for the GMC dealer to sell me a new car below their factory invoice price?” Here’s how:

  3. The factory invoice price isn’t the true dealer cost for a new car, because factored into that price is a ‘dealer holdback’. Then there are other expenses such as end-of-the-year sales bonuses and regional sales incentives, which reduce the amount the GMC dealer really pays for a new car. The factory invoice price is the same for all GMC dealers on exact models, so it can be helpful when negotiating with multiple GMC dealers.

  4. When you know about the factory to dealer incentives, or dealer cash, that increase the dealer’s profits, you’re in a good position during negotiations. While they aren’t under any obligation share this with you, if they’re greedy and won’t sacrifice some of that enormous profit, they know that their competitor down the street will.

  5. Keep in mind that, again, consumer rebates have nothing to do with the individual GMC dealers; that’s your money and is not affected one bit by any discounts you negotiate with the GMC dealer. This is why you want to negotiate with multiple GMC dealers and why you’ll receive the best prices from competing GMC dealers – not just one.

GMC Incentives & Rebates

It’s always easier to understand things when we see them in black and white, so let’s go over a couple of current GMC incentives and rebate offers to give you an idea of savings. These examples – like rebates and incentives offered by all car manufacturers – come with expiration dates. They will, however, give you a good idea of how much you could potentially save.

  • 2012 Canyon Extended Cab currently has an APR offer of 1.90% and $2,000 cash back (Exp. 4/12)
  • 2012 Acadia has a $2,000 cash back offer currently running (Exp. 4/12)

Keep in mind that when you receive your free GMC price quote, you’ll receive the most current available GMC rebates and incentives being offered in your area. They could be the same as the examples we’ve shown you or they could be a lot better.

So get on the road to negotiating a great deal on a new GMC and request your free, no-obligation-to-buy GMC price quote. Negotiate with multiple competing GMC dealers so you drive away with a great deal.

The competing GMC price quotes and customer incentive information doesn’t cost you one penny and there’s never an obligation to buy. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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