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What You Need To Know About Honda Dealer & Customer Incentives to Get the Best Deal on a New Honda

Getting a great deal on that new Honda you’ve been checking out doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful – you just need to know a few insider secrets, and we’re here to help.

Request a free, no obligation to buy new Honda price quote and get on your way to driving the new Honda of your dreams. You’ll receive the best pricing offers from multiple, top Honda dealers, along with the most current available Honda customer rebates and incentives being offered in .

Insider secrets, combined with money-saving Honda rebates and incentives means big savings on the new Honda of your dreams.

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10 Things You Need to Know About Rebates and Incentives

To know how to use Honda manufacturer to dealer incentives and customer rebates or incentives to your advantage, you need to know how they work. Here are 10 things you need to know to have the most leverage and get the best deal:

  1. The factory invoice price is supposedly the price the Honda dealership paid to the manufacturer for a new car. It’s less than the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) which is shown on the window sticker. The MSRP is the maximum value that Honda places on the car; the retail price and what in their perfect world would be the price you paid for a new Honda.

  2. Most new cars are sold under the MSRP and some are sold below factory invoice price. So how is it possible for a Honda dealer to sell a new car below their factory invoice price? Here’s how – that factory invoice doesn’t reflect the actual cost to the dealership; dealers receive ‘holdbacks’, quarterly and end of the year allowances, manufacturer to dealer incentives and other considerations that reduce their cost to well below what the factory invoice shows.

  3. Although the Honda factory invoice price isn’t the dealerships’ true cost, it can be helpful because it will be the same for identical models for all Honda dealers. You can use that figure as a reference when negotiating with numerous Honda dealerships in . When you request your free online Honda price quote you won’t receive pricing information from one Honda dealership – you’ll receive pricing information from multiple Honda dealers to use competition to your advantage.

  4. Let’s take a look at how manufacturer to customer rebates and incentives work compared to dealer incentives.

  5. Honda factory to customer rebates are sent to you directly by Honda and you can apply them to the negotiated purchase price of your new Honda. This is your money.

  6. The manufacturer to dealer incentive is a payment or rebate that Honda gives a dealership for each car they sell. The Honda dealer can then utilize the money for marketing, staff bonuses, additional profit – or anything else they want to. The Honda dealership also has the option of passing on some of that incentive money to you in the form of a price reduction.

  7. These dealer incentives lower the Honda dealer’s real cost to buy a Honda from the manufacturer. Manufacturers like Honda normally offer these incentives on a regional basis to encourage sales on certain models. These incentives can trigger competition between the Honda dealerships to sell slower selling models. For example, a manufacturer to dealer incentive might kick in once a sales goal is reached with every subsequent sale leading to a higher manufacturer to dealer rebate.

  8. One big reason why you want to receive pricing information from multiple Honda dealers is that you can use your knowledge of their dealer incentives to drive competition – they all have wiggle room and this way you can find the Honda dealership who will part with more of their incentive to make the sale.

  9. When you’re evaluating Honda customer rebates and incentives, avoid one very big (and common) mistake: Don’t lose sight of the big picture because there are good rebates attached to a car. You’ll own this car for some time, so do ensure it’s the car for you.

  10. When you receive your free, no obligation price quote, look closely and compare the various Honda models. You may find that while one doesn’t offer a particular rebate or incentive, its overall cost will be lower. On the other hand if the Honda you really want offers a rebate or other type of incentive, don’t feel like you can’t still negotiate with the Honda dealerships for a better deal, using your knowledge of all of their incentives. You can and should negotiate the purchase price.

  11. Remember: Customer rebates and special financing offers come from the manufacturer, not the individual Honda dealers. There is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t get a great deal and the manufacturer’s special customer incentives.

Examples Of Current Honda Rebates & Incentives

To give you a clear idea of various Honda rebates and incentives, here are two examples. Do keep in mind that all rebates and incentives are time sensitive, most only run a month or two. That’s why with your free Honda price quote you’ll receive the most current available Honda rebates and incentives being offered in . Nevertheless, the following will give you an idea of various Honda incentives:

  • The Honda Accord currently has a 0.9% APR financing offer and zero first month payment (up to $500)(Exp. 4/30/12)
  • The Honda Pilot has a low APR financing offer of 0.9% for 36 months (Exp. 4/30/12)

Now that you’re aware of all the insider secrets that Honda dealers really wish you hadn’t learned, the only thing left to do is request your free no-obligation-to-buy Honda price quote. Get multiple offers from top competing Honda dealerships, along with the most current Honda customer rebates and incentives.

You’ll be driving your way to a great deal in no time!

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