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Kia Rebates: Experience Shocking Savings of Thousands of Dollars!

Kia Rebates
Find Kia rebates & incentives being offered by Kia car dealerships in your area, you can save thousands with just a few clicks!

Kia is a very affordable new car brand. Adding Kia rebates and incentives on top of this affordability can result in you paying amazingly low amounts for your brand new vehicle. Immediately access the current Kia rebates and incentives by requesting a free, no obligation price quote.

Spotlight on 2 Exceptional Kia Models

  1. Kia Forte
    Kia Forte Hatchback- This new Kia Forte is the perfect example of the bright portfolio Kia is offering to new car buyers with audacious styling, firm performance and striking quality. It is not just good looks; the new Kia Forte hatchback also has striking fuel savings, superb customary features and a good 156-horsepower engine.
  2. Kia Optima
    Kia Optima Hybrid- For the first time in their history, this year Kia has entered the green car market. Sharing most of the features of the Optima Hybrid with the Sonata Hybrid, this new Kia is a big promise for green car lovers and Kia followers.

Kia’s Amazing Guarantee to You

With every new model Kia launches, they reaffirm that they not only deliver quality vehicles but also great price tags. Kia understands buying a new vehicle is a large investment and they take this very seriously. Most vehicle warranties cover the car for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Kia’s basic warranty protects its vehicles for 5 years or 60,000 miles.

Use Kia Rebates and Incentives to Pay Below Invoice Price

When it comes to Kia you can expect all kinds of incentives and rebates. You may find their hot selling model with a great incentive as well as one for the slow selling one. Kia has an incentive for everyone, at anytime. With this big array of incentives how do you know where to find the right one? Simple, requesting a free, no obligation price quote puts you in position to receive the most up-to-date information on the top rebates and incentives being offered by your local Kia dealerships.

How Free, No Obligation Kia Price Quotes Will Put Money Back in Your Pocket

When you request a free price quote for the Kia of your choice you create the opportunity to save huge amounts of money. You already know your price quote provides real time Kia dealer prices and the top Kia rebates in incentives.

The cherry on top is that your free price quote also reveals the true dealer invoice price for your new Kia. Easily negotiating for thousands less than the sticker price is possible when you know the true value of your new car.