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6 Benefits of Buying a Truck and the Best Ram Rebates

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6 Benefits of Buying a Truck

The pickup truck is indispensable. It can perform a variety of roles for the demanding driver. Pickup trucks are still the most popular family vehicle in the United States, and there is a reason why…

But when it comes to flexibility, versatility, and all-terrain capabilities, it is hard to argue with the merits of a proper pickup truck. Here are the six main benefits of buying a new truck:

  1. Pickup trucks allow you to carry bulky cargo and tow heavy loads. If you’re the type of driver who usually tows or carries heavy loads then a pickup truck is the right vehicle for you.

  2. Pickup trucks provide more cargo room and interior room than a normal car. Trucks can also be configured in a variety of body styles and bed lengths to suit any kind of need.

  3. Pickup trucks are safer than normal cars. Trucks are made from extremely strong and durable steel frames and have sturdier bodies. When this is combined with advanced safety features such as airbags and stability control, the modern pickup truck is perhaps one of the safest vehicles to buy today.

  4. Pickup trucks are a comfortable ride. Because of the size and weight, pickup trucks will simply glide over road bumps and potholes.

  5. Pickup trucks can go anywhere. Since you can buy a pickup truck with 4WD or all-wheel drive, you can be confident that your vehicle is able to handle all sorts of uneven and slippery terrain. The tall ride height and increased ground clearance also helps you to drive on any kind of dirt road.

  6. If you use your truck for business purposes, you can use the cost and the acquired depreciation of the truck as a deduction om your income tax.

Dodge for Business Discount Programs

Dodge is offering a variety of discounts and purchasing programs for business owners and fleet buyers. If you’re buying a Dodge vehicle or Ram truck for business purposes, then the following discount programs may be applicable for you:

  • Fleet operations – if you currently own or operate at least 15 or more vehicles, or if you buy or lease five Dodge vehicles within the space of one year then fleet operations discounts are right for you.

  • On the job discounts – Dodge will give you a bonus $250 cash allowance for the purchase or lease of a new Dodge truck or van for special options and accessories.

  • Service contracts – service contracts will allow you to enjoy extended warranty coverage on your new Dodge vehicle.
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