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The 7 Things You Must Know About VW Rebates & Dealer Incentives For the Best Possible Deal on a New Volkswagen


With the skyrocketing costs of day-to-day life, we need to get the best deal possible whenever we can. When you learn how to use VW rebates and incentives, you’ll be in the driver’s seat to negotiate a great deal on a new VW.

By requesting a free, no-obligation-to-buy VW price quote, you will not only receive price offers from competing VW dealers , you’ll also receive current available customer VW rebates and incentives that VW is currently offering in your area.

Competing VW Dealers + Dealer Incentives + VW Consumer Incentives = A Great Deal!

  • A hassle-free/Haggle-free VW buying experience
  • Find available no money down VW offers
  • Available APR financing offers/Limited time only specials
  • Low available monthly VW payments
  • Free, no obligation to buy VW price quotes

The following will help you better understand how VW consumer rebates and incentives work, as well as factory to dealer rebates, so you have more leverage when negotiating for a new VW.

    1. VW manufacturer-to-customer rebates come directly to you from VW and can be applied to the negotiated purchase price - this is your money.


    1. The manufacturer-to-dealership incentive is a rebate VW offers their dealerships on every car they sell. The VW dealer can then use that rebate for things like advertising/marketing, personnel bonuses, profit – on anything they want. The VW dealers also have the option of passing on some of those incentives to you by reducing the purchase price.


    1. VW dealership incentives lower the dealer’s actual cost to buy a VW from the factory. These incentives are usually offered according to region and generate competition between the regional dealerships to make more sales on certain models. Example: A VW to dealer rebate/incentive might commence when a sales goal is achieved and a higher rebate is offered for each additional sale.


    1. This is a prime example of why you need to receiveprice quotes from multiple VW dealers so you can use that knowledge to force them to compete. They all have room to negotiate, and this way you’ll locate the VW dealership that is willing to offer you more of their incentives to get your business.


    1. As you evaluate VW consumer rebates/incentives you need to avoid making a very common mistake: Just because there are great rebates on a particular car, don’t forget that you’ll own this car for some time, so make sure it’s the right car for your lifestyle.


    1. After you have received the free, no obligation VW price quotes, evaluate carefully and compare the different VW models. There may be one that doesn’t come with a rebate or incentive, but its total cost would be lower; however, if the VW you want to buy does offer a rebate, you shouldn’t feel that you can’t negotiate with the VW dealers for an even better deal by using your knowledge of their incentives. You most certainly can and should negotiate a fair purchase price.


  1. Always keep in mind that consumer rebates and special APR offers come from VW, not their individual dealerships. There’s no reason why you can’t get a fantastic deal, as well as VW’s special consumer incentives.

5 Car Dealer Incentives You Need to Ask About

There are also other VW programs and incentives that you should know about, because the salesperson won’t necessarily offer the information:

    1. Special Incentive Programs: Monthly, VW sends out a list of models they need their dealerships to sell. Often, they offer extra incentives (money) for selling models that aren’t selling as fast as VW would like. This should help you negotiate a lower purchase price.


    1. Special Programs (college students, suppliers, etc.): There are also times when special programs are available on a model you are interested in buying. Mention to your salesperson that you’re aware special programs exist, to see if you can qualify for even more savings.


    1. Special Limited-Time-Only Programs: If a certain VW model is slow-moving, VW will often send their dealerships an email in the morning offering a limited time incentive to help them sell those specific models. Ask the manager if there are any such programs currently being offered.


    1. Dealer Holdback: Manufacturers inflate the factory invoice price by typically 2-3 percent of the MSRP or invoice price, this money is returned to the dealership sometime during a sales cycle. Your salesperson can use it to give them more price flexibility, and the dealership will still make a profit.


  1. Special Discounting: At times VW will offer special discounting on a particular car, the VW dealership itself may offer the incentive; technically that money should go to the salesman who sold the car, but you can still save with that money, though needless to say you’ll have to negotiate for it.

2 Examples Of Current VW Incentives

So you have an idea of VW customer incentive programs, below are a couple of examples of current VW incentives (expiring 4/31/12). When you receive your VW price quote, you’ll receive the current available customer VW rebates and incentives being offered ; however, these will give you an idea of your possible savings.


  • 2012 VW Beetle: 1.90 APR Financing
  • 2012 Jetta: 0.90 APR Financing

Now that you know about the VW consumer and dealer incentives that can save you big bucks on a new VW, request a free, no obligation-to-buy VW price quote. You’ll receive competing price information from top VW dealers , along with the most current available VW rebates and incentives being offered by VW.

It’s fast, it’s simple and the best part is, it’s absolutely free. You can request as many free price quotes as you like and you’ll never be obligated to buy.

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