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Use Rebates/Incentives to Decrease Sale Price

Chevrolet truck rebates and incentives are a great way to offset the cost of a new truck. A rebate is money offered by the manufacturer to encourage people to buy trucks. You can use the rebate money one of two ways: 1. get cash back when you purchase; 2. include the money in your down payment to help with the financing. Click here to request your FREE no-obligation car quote today and see special offers and discounts in . Get your car quote now and be on your way to driving the best truck on the market.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Chevrolet Silverado is Chevy’s most popular truck. Enjoy driving in the most powerful full size pickup truck on the market. Whether you need a truck to carry big/heavy items for work or to take your family camping for the weekend, this is the ride for you. This heavy duty truck is rugged, yet as comfortable as a high end ride. If you’re looking for a reliable truck at an unbeatable price then get your FREE car quote today and find the best deals in .

Chevrolet Silverado Reliability

The Chevy Silverado ranks high above average in everything you would want in a truck. It has great transmission, engine major and minor, electrical system and suspension. It has superb exhaust and brakes and is far quieter than other similar trucks. With all these features, you will be confident in getting the job done safely and efficiently. Its sway control allows you to securely pull trailers without the danger of sliding. It can tow up to 10,700 lbs and get you and your family where you need, all without overspending.

Silverado Comparison to Other Models

Here are some comparisons to the other trucks:

Chevy Silverado 1500

2012 Chevy Silverado 1500:

This smooth ride has standard daytime lights making it easy for you to see and drive in any weather. It has 3 front and 3 rear seating capacity which is more than you would find it many other trucks. With its above average front access you will enter and exit with ease. Its great climate system makes it a comfortable ride for all passengers. This truck also comes equipped with a 3yr, 36,000 mile warranty and a 5yr, 100,000 mile roadside aid warranty – better than most other trucks!

Ford F-150

2012 Ford F-150:

Daytime lights vary in this truck, therefore, unlike the Silverado, you may have limited visibility in quickly changing weather conditions. It has 2 front, 3 rear seating – cannot carry as many passengers as the Silverado. It comes with a 3y, 36,000 mile warranty; same as many other makes but it only has a 5yr, 60,000 mile roadside aid warranty.

Toyota Tundra

2012 Toyota Tundra:

This truck has Optional daytime lights – unlike with the Silverado, you will have to pay extra for this feature. It has 2 front, 3 rear seating, same as the Ford but, less than the Silverado so you won’t be able to carry as many passengers. Its headlights are above average giving you great visibility during daytime bad weather. This truck comes with a 3y, 36,000 mile warranty and a 3yr, 36,000 mile roadside aid warranty (less than the Silverado and the Ford).

What Others are Saying

“The Silverado is an easy truck to live with, thanks to a comfortable ride, a floor height that allows fairly easy access and cargo loading, and a generous load capacity.”Consumer Reports

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