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What You Need to Know About Chevy Cruze Rebates

Chevy Cruze rebates
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Chevy Cruze rebates can come in the form of cash backs or certain financing offers designed to entice certain car buyers into making a purchase. This is due to the fact that the automotive market is one of the most competitive consumer markets where dealers need to present attractive deals in order to gain more customers. The new Chevrolet Cruze is a step in the right direction for the American car maker as it now has a proper super-sized global compact car that can battle it out with what the Japanese and the Europeans are offering.

What Makes the New Chevrolet Cruze Better Than the Rest of the Competition?

Chevrolet made sure that compact car buyers get more of what they want in an affordable sedan and the Chevy Cruze answers most of the needs of the demanding consumer:

  • The Cruze is a proper super-sized compact that offers more interior and boot space than similarly priced alternatives in the market.
  • The new 1.8-litre engine in the Cruze LS achieves 26 to 36 miles to the gallon in city and on highway driving. The 1.4-litre turbocharged engine on the Cruze ECO even gets more at around 28 to 42 MPG in the city and on the highway.
  • The dashboard features a new design that shames the competition in terms of overall aesthetics and quality of feel. There is no denying there is an upscale look and feel on the interior of the Cruze.
  • The suspension is designed to bring maximum loads of comfort and refinement while still providing an inspired ride.
  • The Cruze is also priced accordingly in terms of providing the right amount of standard equipment for the price.
Chevy Cruze

Presenting the Latest Chevy Cruze Rebates!

The latest Chevy Cruze rebates present new and affordable ways of you driving home your very own Chevrolet Cruze. Get to enjoy low APR rates of just 2.9% for a 60-month loan. You can even enjoy fantastic lease deals for just below $170 a month with a lease term of 39 months. Remember that Chevy Cruze rebates will vary according to your state as dealers may offer more or less with any given offer.

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Take advantage of the power of information technology right from the comforts of your home. Simply ask for a free quote from the car rebates finder and you are on your way in finding the Chevy dealer that offers the latest and most up to date Chevy Cruze rebates in your area. Get a quote today and save more on your very own Chevy Cruze!