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Negotiate The Best Possible Deal Using Rebates On Chevy Trucks Or Cars

While it’s easy and fast to receive the current available rebates on Chevy trucks or cars by requesting a free Chevy price quote, when it comes to negotiating an even better deal there are several important things you need to know.

In this article we’re going to give you several tips for successfully negotiating a great deal on a new Chevy, including the best time to discuss the available rebates and incentives you received with your free price quote. You’ll learn how to use your lowest competing price quote from Chevy dealers to get the deal you deserve.

Before you start emailing the dealerships to start negotiations, review these tips:

  1. In your initial email don’t bring up that you have already received available Chevy incentives and rebate information; not until the price has been negotiated to where you want it. Don’t mention anything about trading in your current car or the financing for your new Chevy. While the large majority of Chevy salespeople are honest professionals, it only takes one bad seed attempting to charge you a higher price for a Chevy with manufacturer incentives/rebates; maybe not value your trade-in as high as it should be.

  2. Don’t pay the MSRP: The dealership and manufacturer doesn’t expect anyone to pay it; except for those times when an uninformed new car buyer strolls onto the lot. You should start negotiating around the invoice price and then subtract the dealer’s holdback (2-3% of either MSRP or invoice price). That puts the price substantially lower than the MSRP and if you make your offer in that price range you would put the pressure squarely on the dealer.

  3. Since you’ve completed your research and received free Chevy price quotes, along with the dealer’s invoice price, start contacting the dealerships via email; utilize the best (lowest) offer and let the other Chevy dealers know you’re ready to buy; however, only if they’ll beat the lowest priced offer.

  4. You could be even more aggressive and come right out and tell the Chevy dealer that you know what they’ll make off the sale. They’ll know you’re an informed buyer and take you more seriously.

  5. When you are at the point where you want to turn down a Chevy dealers offer, make them one last offer and let them know that countering it would be unproductive. Be confident, not rude or a jerk, and tell them it is your final offer; then let them know if they can make you a better deal to give you a call.

  6. The final thing after you’ve negotiated the price down to where you want it, will be to execute the sales contract. They’re usually drafted like this: The negotiated purchase price will have taxes, licensing and documentation fees added to come up with the total price; then a down payment (including Chevy rebates and/or trade-in allowance) is subtracted to determine the final purchase price.

Special Chevy Discounting Programs That Could Save You Thousands More

Chevy, through GM, has some incredible discounting programs that if you’re eligible could save you thousands and thousands of dollars off a new Chevy, GMC, Buick or Cadillac; in addition to most of the consumer rebates and incentives offered regionally by Chevy.

The first discount program is the GM Family First Discount Program. This program offers an employee vehicle allowance (EVA) and exclusive prices to employees and retirees when they purchase or lease a new vehicle (Chevy, GMC, Buick or Cadillac). Many family members take advantage of these phenomenal discounts.

Read over the eligible family members and think about whether you have a relative who currently works for Chevy, GMC, Buick or Cadillac or who retired from one of the divisions:

  • Spouses, children, grandchildren, stepchildren, step-grandchildren, grandparents (including in-laws), mother and father (and MIL/FIL); same-sex domestic partners with the same eligible members of the family. Discount pricing is available on most GMC, Chevy, Buick and Cadillac models, though there could be times when a particular model isn’t eligible.

Supplier Discount Program For Friends Program has been modified and is even better than before. The employee and supplier discount programs now share the same formula price called Preferred Pricing. Additionally, one may take advantage of most of the current incentives and available bonus cash.

  • Once per month, eligible employees may share Preferred Pricing with friends or acquaintances and this program is compatible with most additional cash allowances and/or special APR offers advertised regionally.

Let’s break down the EVA discount in black and white examples, so you can see the additional savings you could realize. The EVA discounts run monthly and these examples are effective until 7/2/12:

With your free, no obligation Chevy price quote you will receive the most current available incentives and rebates being offered by Chevy in .

When you combine these incentives with competing price quotes from certified Chevy dealers,and utilize the advice you read in this article for negotiating, you’ll find it’s easier than you imagined to save thousands and thousands of dollars on a new Chevy.

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