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Uncover the Hassle-Free Way to Use the Latest Ford Dealer Incentives to Get a Great Deal on a New Ford

If you happen to be thinking about buying a new Ford, first, you should determine the latest Ford dealer incentives. By doing so, you are giving yourself the opportunity to earn more savings on your new car.

Start by requesting a FREE online price quote. You will quickly find the latest Ford dealer incentives including:

  • The top local deals from USA certified Ford dealers in your zip code.
  • Uncover hidden rebates and secret incentives that are reserved for Internet-only buyers.
  • Available $0 down payment offers and low APR lease deals for guaranteed savings!
  • Updated new Ford prices and special discounts on all new Ford vehicles.

Requesting a FREE online price quote is a safe and hassle-free way to get the latest Ford incentives. Give yourself the chance to pay less money on any new Ford vehicle.

There is no risk, and there is no obligation to buy. All the pricing information that you need will be sent straight to your computer, so there is no haggling involved.

The 411 on Dealer Incentives

Ford dealer incentives should not be confused with customer incentives, or any kind of incentives for that matter. When car dealers purchase new vehicles from the factory, they are given special factory-to-dealer incentives depending on the make and model of the car. Dealer incentives are offered on a regional basis, while some incentives are only offered for specific vehicles to entice brisk sales.

Remember that car dealers are not required to pass on Ford dealer incentives to their customers, but they can be used to motivate the dealer into giving a lower selling price for the car that you want. Since most factory-to-dealer incentives are dependent on the number of vehicles that are sold, the car dealer will get more cash rebates if they sell more cars.

The Different Types of Dealer Incentives

Here are the different types of dealer incentives. Keep in mind that the customer is not always qualified for certain dealer incentives, but simply knowing about the presence of such an incentive will help you get a better deal on a new Ford.

Factory-to-Dealer Incentives

As previously mentioned above, factory-to-dealer incentives, such as Ford dealer incentives, are offered to car dealers as an added bonus for selling more cars. Unfortunately, this kind of information is not readily available to car buyers, since factory-to-dealer incentives will vary according to location, or the make and model of the car.

Sharp negotiation skills will help you uncover the best price to pay on your new Ford vehicle. Request a FREE online price quote to find all the latest offers on all new Ford vehicles. Use this information to negotiate a lower selling price. You might be surprised that the car dealer is willing to share a part of the factory-to-dealer incentive as an added discount on your new car.

High Sales Incentives

The car dealer can receive bonus rebates from the factory by exceeding their quarterly or annual sales quota. Dealers that are reaching for a certain sales target will offer the best discounts and the best deals on a new vehicle, simply because disposing of more stock will help them to achieve their sales goals. By requesting a FREE online quote, you can easily determine which car dealer is offering a lower selling price. The car dealers that offers the lowest rates are most likely reaching for a particular sales target.

New Car Dealer Incentives

If you notice that there is a new car dealer in town, you might want to know their latest financing and lease offers. This is because new car dealers often receive bonus rebates from the factory, to help them sell more cars and establish a solid reputation for offering the best deals. The car dealer can offer special cash rebates and low APR incentives as a way of passing on the factory incentives to you.

Carry-Over Allowances

Car manufacturers can offer special discounts or cash incentives to end-of-year model vehicles. For example, when 2013 model-year vehicles are introduced, the remaining 2012 models are considered ‘carry-over’ vehicles, and are entitled to marvelous discounts that can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Car dealers can then pass on the carry-over allowances to the customer in the form of 0% or low APR financing, or special cash rebates depending on the type of car.

The Best Time to Buy a New Car to Take Advantage of Dealer Incentives

  1. One of the best times to buy a new car is at the end of the month, as most car dealers track their sales monthly.
  2. Buying a car in December is also a good time to take advantage of dealer incentives. Car dealers are better motivated to give you the best deals during December, since the last month of the year is crucial in determining their annual sales goals.
  3. When a new model is released, you should look into the previous year model of the vehicle. Car dealers are sure to offer dealer incentives, discounts, and cash back offers to quickly dispose their old stock, and make way for incoming new models.
  4. The middle of the month is also one of the best times to hunt for the best deals. Most of the time, the dealership has little or no sales activity during this time of the month, and will be more inclined in giving you a better offer. Saturday morning is also a good time to search for new car bargains, especially if the car dealer experienced a sluggish week in terms of sales.

Requesting a FREE online price quote is the hassle-free way to uncover the latest Ford dealer incentives in your zip code. You should determine all available rebates, incentives, and discount offers before you buy, so you can enjoy more savings and pay less money on your new Ford car, truck, or SUV.

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