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Get Great Ford F-150 Rebates and Incentives and Save Money on America’s Favorite Truck!

If you’re looking for a comfortable truck that can get the job done in style, then the Ford F-150 is the answer to your prayers. Get a better deal on the best truck in America with Ford F-150 rebates and incentives. Stay up-to-date on all the current offers in by requesting a free, no-obligation Ford F-150 price quote. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free! Get started right now.

A Truck to Suit Your Needs – the Ford F-150


The Ford F-150 comes standard with a 3.7-liter V6 engine producing 302 hp. Other engines are available depending on trim levels such as; a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 360hp, twin-turbo “EcoBoost” V6 engine producing 365 hp, 6.2-liter V8 engine producing 411 hp.

The Ford F-150 is available in no less than 10 trim levels; XL, STX, XLT, FX2/FX4, Lariat, SVT Raptor, King Ranch, Platinum and Haley Davidson. Depending on the trim you can choose from Regular Cab, SuperCab or SuperCrew. The Regular Cab can seat up to three people while the SuperCab and SuperCrew can seat up to six.

AdvanceTrac with roll stability control come standard on the base XL model. Several other features are available and come standard on the other trim levels such as a rear view camera, 6-disc CD player and stereo, remote start system, trailer brake control and ambient lighting. Request your free Ford F-150 price quote to unveil the prices dealers are offering for the F-150 of your choice in .

The Sturdy Reliability of the Ford F-150

When choosing a new truck, one of the most important factors in your decision is reliability. You want a truck that will last you through thick and thin, and this is just what the Ford F-150 will do. It scored above average in the reliability of its engine major and minor, transmission, and suspension and brake system. It also scored high in drive system, fuel system and the reliability of the paint and trim. Over 84% of F-150 V6 EcoBoost owners said they would purchase the F-150 again while over 60% of F-150 V8 engine owners said they would also purchase the F-150 again. With proven reliability, you can be confident that the Ford F-150 won’t let you down.

Facing the Competition: the Ford F-150 vs. the Toyota Tundra vs. the Chevrolet Avalanche


When the Ford F-150 is compared to similar models; the Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Avalanche, it becomes easy to see why the F-150 is the most popular truck in America. The F-150 is offered with a choice of four different engines depending on the trim levels, while the Toyota Tundra is offered with three engines and the Chevy Avalanche only comes with one engine. The F-150 is the only model out of the three to offer a turbocharged engine. In terms of overall fuel economy, the Toyota Tundra and F-150 come out on top with 15 MPG and the Chevy Avalanche is not far behind with a 14 overall MPG. The F-150 can fit up to 6 passengers, same as the Avalanche, but the Tundra can only fit five.

When it comes to options, the F-150 tramples the competition with 10 available trim levels, while the Toyota Tundra and Chevy Avalanche are only available in three trim levels. This makes it even harder to believe that the Ford F-150 comes with a cheaper starting MSRP than the Tundra and Avalanche, which are prcied second and third respectively.

If safety is something you’re concerned about then have no fear, with the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra you’ll be driving an IIHS Top 2012 Safety Pick. Data isn’t available for the 2012 Chevy Avalanche but it did receive three stars for the government crash test rating, less than the Tundra’s four stars and the F-150’s stellar five star NHTSA rating.

It’s easy to see how the Ford F-150 is a popular choice among American cay buyers; it comes out on top in almost every category. What more could you ask for in a truck?

What Others Are Saying About the Ford F-150

“For 2012, the Ford F-150 continues to be a comfortable and supremely capable full-size pickup truck that can be configured to fit almost any budget or use. Test drivers say that one of the 2012 Ford F-150’s greatest attributes is how much it can be customized. Among its 10 trim levels, four powertrains, three cab styles and three bed lengths, you can configure an F-150 for hardcore work, luxurious commuting, off-road adventuring and nearly anything in between.”– US News

“With the F-150 being the best-selling vehicle in North America since the dawn of time, there must be something to this statement, and Ford’s huge range of configurations means that there really is an F-150 for everyone.”–

Ford F-150 Rebates and Incentives

The F-150 comes complete with great Ford F-150 rebates and incentives to make owning the truck of your dreams easier on your wallet. Up to a $1,500 rebate is offered on the F-150 Regular Cab as well as a 2.90 APR for 24 and 36 months. The Ford F-150 rebates also include, for the SuperCab and SuperCrew options, a $2,000 rebate as well as an incentive of 2.90 APR for 24 and 36 months. These rebates and incentives expire on 4/2/2012.

It’s important to understand that Ford F-150 rebates and incentives have a habit of changing, being added to or being extended. This is why you must stay up to date on all the latest Ford F-150 rebates and incentives. Request a free F-150 price quote today and get access to the best and most current Ford F-150 rebates and incentives from dealers in .

Rebates and Incentives – Choose the Right One for the Best Deal

Deciding between Ford F-150 rebates and incentives can be a very confusing decision. So, it’s important that you know what you are getting into.

Ford F-150 rebates are a good choice, especially if you need money for a down payment. A low or zero-interest rate incentive, however, can give you greater overall savings as it will reduce your monthly interest payments. You generally need very good credit to qualify for a financing incentive so it’s a good idea to get pre-approved through another financial institution, that way you can compare the rate to the incentive offer, or if you don’t qualify for the incentive you have a back-up.

If you have the tricky choice of choosing between Ford F-150 rebates and incentives then you need to look at the numbers and make the choice that will save you the most money. Compare the rebate amount, the amount of interest you’ll have to pay using the incentive as well as the interest you’ll have to pay using alternative financing, pick the one that will save you the most money. Obviously if you get better financing through another institution you should use the rebate, this would be a win/win situation.

Buying a new Ford F-150 has never been easier. Compare price quotes from the comfort of your own home and see what dealers have to offer. Request a free, no-obligation to buy Ford F-150 price quote and get access to current Ford F-150 rebates and incentives. You’ll soon be on your way to getting a great deal driving the number one truck in America!

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