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Learn The Truth About Ford Factory Rebates & Get the Best Deal on a New Car

Let us help take the mystery out of factory-to-customer rebates and incentives, so you get the best possible price on your new Ford. When you know the real story behind customer incentives, as well as how car dealers generate hidden profit, you’ll be able to negotiate in confidence for the deal of a lifetime.

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The 7 things You Need to Know About Ford Rebates & Incentives

The terminology used in the auto industry can be very confusing. Here are seven straightforward facts about factory rebates and dealer incentives.

Everywhere you look, you see new car ads for customer incentives or rebates on a new car. What the car dealerships don’t advertise are the incentives they receive from the manufacturers.

Let’s explore these incentives further so you understand the differences and how each can factor into you negotiating a great deal on a new car:

  1. Ford Factory rebates are offered directly to customers who buy a new Ford. It comes from the manufacturer and is your money.

  2. Low APR financing is where Ford offers financing incentives to help drive sales by offering customers low interest car loans. If you have plenty of money for the down payment and you see that you’d save a lot more in the long run with the low APR, then that could be the better choice.

  3. Other types of incentives and offers you’ll see advertised are geared towards specific groups of individuals, such as first time car buyers, college graduates, military personnel, repeat customers, etc.

  4. Normally these promotions are offered on a region-specific basis, but occasionally you’ll see a nationwide promotion.

  5. Then there are the Ford dealer incentives, which are completely different than the ones offered to you, the new car buyer.

  6. Ford dealer incentives and rebates are referred to in the industry as ‘factory-to-dealer’ rebates. This is essentially free, bonus money that the Ford dealership receives from Ford for selling certain models.

  7. While the customer incentives and rebates are yours, to get the Ford dealer to part with any of the factory-to-dealer rebates and incentives, you’ll need to negotiate. These rebates combined with other incentives the Ford dealer receives (bonuses for reaching sales goals, selling a large amount of certain models, etc.), amounts to thousands of dollars in wiggle room.

The key is to use this knowledge to create a win/win. You want to pay a fair price for your new car and the dealer needs to make a profit. However, they certainly don’t need to make thousands upon thousands of dollars off your new car sale.

5 Myths About Car Rebates

There are a lot of myths concerning factory rebates and to make things worse, there are some dealerships and salespeople who will deliberately mislead new car buyers about how they work. When you know the real story, no unscrupulous salesperson can take advantage of you.

  • Myth 1: All factory-to-customer rebates are bad. That is absolutely untrue; once again, this customer rebate is simply money that you, the new car buyer, receives directly from the manufacturer for buying a certain car.

  • Myth 2: Customers always receive their factory rebates in cash. This is untrue. You get a choice. Use it as part of your down payment, use it entirely as a down payment or, if you have a trade-in and/or enough cash for a required down payment, you can have the manufacturer mail you a check. Depending on your circumstances, if you don’t have much or any money for a down payment, consider a car with higher rebates; then you may not be asked to pay any of your money towards the down payment.

  • Myth 3: Factory-to-customer rebates are part of the car dealer’s discount. This is your money and has nothing to do whatsoever with the dealership or a negotiated purchase price on a new car. If a salesperson attempts to say otherwise, let them know you are aware that it’s simply not true.

  • Myth 4: All factory-to-customer rebates are the same throughout the USA. Wrong again; automakers can, at any given time, see how many cars they have sitting in their dealerships’ lots across the entire nation. If one region has too many of a certain model, the manufacturer can offer customer rebates or other incentives to move those cars. They can change from month to month, region to region.

  • Myth 5: It’s standard for customer rebates to be deducted from a negotiated purchase price. Wrong. Many new car buyers who haven’t done their homework fall for this untruth and believe a salesperson when they say that the customer rebate is automatically deducted from the sale price. In most states, the rebate is considered part of a down payment. It’s easy to check to see if your state is one of the few where rebates are handled different than the norm.

Examples Of Ford Rebates & Incentives

Certain things are easier to understand when we can see them in black and white, so here are just a few examples of Ford factory rebates and incentives. These usually only run for a month or two at a time; the examples below are set to expire on 4/2/12.

The good news for you is that when you receive your free Ford price quote, you’ll be receiving the most current available factory rebates and incentives Ford is offering.

  • Low APR rates range from .90%-4.90% for 24 months; 2.90% to 6.90% on a 60 month APR (exp. 4/2/12)
  • Cash rebates range from $500 to $3,500, depending on the model selected (exp. 4/2/12)

Now that you can decipher the truth from myths, along with the difference between factory rebates and dealer incentives, request your free, no-obligation-to-buy Ford price quote and receive the most current pricing and internet incentives that Ford dealers are offering.

You’ll also receive the most current available factory-to-customer rebates and incentives being offered by Ford. Everything you need to negotiate in confidence will be sent directly to your computer – no hassles, no stress and absolutely no cost or obligation to buy.

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