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Ford Incentives 2012: This is Your Year to Save Big on a New Ford Car or Truck

With 2012 Ford incentives and rebates, paying full price for a new Ford car or truck is a thing of the past. Combined with other generous offers from Ford that you may qualify for, driving away with an awesome deal is within reach.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy Ford price quote, our database will search for the greatest Ford incentives and rebates currently available in . Add to that competing price offers you’ll receive from top certified Ford dealerships and you could save thousands and thousands of dollars on a new Ford car or truck.

Ford incentives, 2012 rebates + Ford dealerships competing = the best possible price for your new Ford car or truck.

  • A hassle free/Haggle free Ford buying experience
  • Find available no money down Ford offers
  • Available APR financing offers/Limited time only Ford specials
  • Low available monthly Ford payments
  • Free, no obligation to buy Ford price quotes

7 Things You Need to Know When Using 2012 Ford Incentives & Rebates

In order to be able to negotiate the best deal when using Ford incentives and rebates, you need to have a clearer idea on how they work. Here are the 7 things you need to know, so you can negotiate the best possible deal using 2012 Ford incentives and rebates:

  1. A Ford customer rebate (a/k/a customer cash/consumer cash/cash back rebate) is offered to you from the manufacturer, Ford. You can use that cash rebate as a down payment on the Ford you buy to further reduce its purchase price. It is your money and has nothing to do with the individual Ford dealerships.

  2. Then there’s the Ford-to-dealership rebate/incentive that Ford gives to their dealerships on Ford modes the dealer sells. Ford dealerships can use that rebate money anyway they want – to pay for marketing, give their employees a bonus, increase their profit, or to pass on some of that incentive money to you via a price reduction.

  3. Dealership incentives and rebates decreases the amount the dealer actually pays for a new Ford from the factory. They’re normally offered to Ford dealerships in specific regions to induce competition among the regional dealerships to sell slower selling models. Example: A certain factory-to-dealer incentive/rebate might start once a certain sales goal has been reached, with the rebate increasing for each additional sale.

  4. This is the perfect example of why you want to receive competing free price quotes from multiple Ford dealerships in – use this information to make them compete. Every car dealer has a lot of negotiating room and if one wants to be greedy, fine. You can go right to the next Ford dealer who isn’t.

  5. Keep in mind when you’re evaluating the various Ford incentives and rebates that simply because a certain model may have very generous incentives, you’ll own your new car for quite a while. Make sure whatever car you buy is the one that’s right for you.

  6. Once you’ve received your free Ford price quotes, compare the different models you requested information about. There could be a Ford where a rebate or incentive isn’t offered; however, its total cost would end up being less, so evaluate the big picture. On the other hand, if the car you really want does offer a Ford incentive or rebate, don’t feel like you can’t still negotiate with the Ford dealerships for an even better price.

  7. Never forget that Ford consumer incentives and rebates come from the manufacturer, not the individual Ford dealerships. There’s no reason at all why you can’t negotiate a great deal on your new Ford when using a Ford incentive or rebate.

3 More Ways You Could Save Big on a New Ford Car or Truck

Ford also offers rebates and incentives to certain groups of people and, if you qualify, you could save even more money on your new Ford car or truck:

  • Mobility Program: This great program offers up to $1200 in assistance on the cost of adaptive equipment, including; including up to $200 for such things as alert hearing devices, running boards or lumbar support. The buyer/customer has to be the one utilizing the vehicle and would consequently be the one who needs the adaptive apparatus. Other eligible owners or ‘end users’ are, for example; assisted living facilities, nursing homes, houses of worship, towns, cities, state or federal governments. One could also be eligible if this adaptive equipment is necessary for a family member of the purchaser, however, to be eligible it must be installed permanently in the purchased vehicle.

  • College Students: Ford’s program for college students provides a rebate up to $500 when a college student or recent grad purchases a qualifying Ford/Lincoln. One must be a full or part-time college freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student, trade school student and recent college graduate. When combined with the rebates and incentives offered to the general public, this can lead to big savings.

  • United States Armed Forces: Ford proudly shows its appreciation to members of the US military and offers a $500 rebate on the purchase of select Ford models. It’s available to active military personnel of all branches of the United States Armed Forces, as well as National Guard, reservists on active duty, delayed entry and enlistment program members, veterans and retirees (within 180 days of retirement or separation). Spouses are also eligible and the rebate may be transferred to other household members.

Ford Incentives 2012: Your Year to Save Big on a New Ford Car or Truck

Here are 3 examples of current 2012 Ford incentives and rebates, so you can see just how much money you could save off of the negotiated purchase price of a new Ford. As with all manufacturer rebates and incentives, these examples of Ford incentives are time sensitive and will expire 4/12:


Now that you’ve seen the incredible amount of money you could save with Ford incentives/2012 rebates, get on the road to huge savings by requesting your free, no obligation to buy Ford price quote.

You’ll receive Ford’s most current available incentives and rebates being offered in , along with competing price quotes from top certified Ford dealerships in your area who need your business.

The best deals are just a mouse click away and there’s no cost or obligation to buy. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot of money to save.

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