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Save Money On A New Ford – Ford Loyalty Rebates & Ford Conquest Incentives

It wasn’t too long ago when loyalty seemed to be a thing of the past. In the current economic situation where everyday people need to cut back on making expensive purchases, loyalty has been resurrected. The fires of competitive spirit have been fanned – leading to incredible opportunities for new car buyers to realize fantastic opportunities when buying a new car.

When you request a free, no-obligation-to-buy new Ford price quote, you will receive the most current rebates and incentives that top competing Ford dealerships in are offering. Leverage the Ford price quotes to create a bidding war for your business.

  • A hassle-free, haggle-free Ford buying experience
  • Find available zero-money down Ford offers
  • Low monthly Ford payments
  • Incredibly low available APR rates
  • Secret & hidden Ford specials/limited time offers
  • Totally free, no-obligation-to-buy Ford price quotes

From Cars to SUVS and Super Duty Trucks: There’s A New Ford For Everyone

Ford Fiesta
If you want a fun driving experience without paying the price at the pump, the Ford Fiesta will fit your bill. With its affordable starting price you will be able to spend your hard earned money having fun, not paying high monthly car payments. The Fiesta will treat you to a surprisingly sporty and agile driving experience while navigating your morning commute or weekend getaway.

Ford Focus
The affordable Ford Focus has a serious side that will immediately be seen when you push the start button. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you take corners with ease, with gratifying performance technology normally experienced in higher priced vehicles. With its attitude of quiet assurance you’ll have everything you need, including extra money to experience life at its fullest.

Ford Fusion
In a new Ford Fusion you don’t have to sacrifice the rush you get from hitting the gas and accelerating away at the light. The Fusion will save you money at the pump and still feed the driving enthusiast in you. Turn your morning commute from a dreaded necessity to an enjoyable experience in its upscale interior, where the only thing you’ll wish for is a longer journey.

Ford Fusion Hybrid
You don’t have to choose between style and performance to leave a smaller footprint. With the Ford Fusion Hybrid you can have it all, along with the outstanding fuel economy that comes from driving a Hybrid. You’ll be able to decide whether you want to drive by electric only or combine electric and gas, assured that you’re doing right by the environment. Be kind to Mother Nature and experience the rewards of a great driving experience.

Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang needs no introduction. This is the ultimate car to make you the envy of your neighbors, along with every other driver you thunder past on the highway. Visions of the Daytona 500 will run through your head when you hear its powerful engine roar to life. Yet better than a souped up race car, you will enjoy a surprising fuel economy that takes the sting out of filling up at the pump.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500
If you crave an even more powerful car, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with its supercharged V8 will willing accommodate you; wrapping you in a sophisticated and comfortable cocoon to carry you down the highway in style. You’re not an ordinary driver, so your car shouldn’t be ordinary either. Build your new Mustang Shelby to be as rare of a breed as you are.

Ford Taurus
With its sporty profile, you’ll immediately notice that Ford went out of the box when they designed the Ford Taurus sedan. Once you climb in you won’t ever want to get out and instead of complaining about a long commute to work, you may wish you lived even further just so you can enjoy more time behind the wheel. In a loud and noisy world, surround yourself in tranquility.

Ford Explorer
With an active lifestyle and ever changing plans, you need an SUV that can easily adapt. Meet the answer to your prayers: the Ford Explorer. Whether your journey takes you rugged off-roading or across wet highways, its intelligent 4WD and enhanced safety features will keep you and your family secure. Everyone will be comfortable from the moment they climb into the Explorer’s roomy interior, with remote start/climate control that turns a brisk morning into a warm afternoon.

Ford Flex
Drive down the highway surrounded by quiet in a Ford Flex SUV. You’ll arrive to your destination relaxed and stress free, thanks in part to a suspension that will soak up the road’s bone-jarring potholes. Fun was just put back into driving an SUV and with a spacious interior, your friends and family will ride in comfort. Drive easier knowing loved ones are riding in an SUV that made the winners list of the IIHS 2012 Top Safety Pick.

Ford Expedition
You’ll be confident when weather conditions go from sunshine to snow when behind the wheel of the sure-footed Ford Expedition with available 4WD. A powerful V8 will make towing a camper or the family boat effortless. The Expedition is truly a do-it-all SUV that defines the meaning of capability. Turn up the stereo and just enjoy the ride.

Ford Edge
The Ford Edge is an SUV that will outperform your expectations, while providing you with a stylish and comfortable ride. With smart driver technology, the Edge is much more than an attractive vehicle and you’ll enjoy plenty of power without spending all your vacation money at the pump. For an even more powerful SUV, the Ford Edge Sport will take you to the next level.

Ford Escape
If you need an SUV that provides excellent performance and great fuel economy, then check out the Ford Escape. Wrapped in a beautiful yet comfortable package, the Escape will give you a responsive driving experience that requires no compromise. If your active life demands even more flexibility, build a Ford Escape to provide you with additional towing capabilities then head to the lake in style.

Ford Escape Hybrid
If you want an even more earth-friendly SUV, the Escape Hybrid is here to answer your call. The first to combine the capabilities of an SUV with exceptional fuel economy, the Escape Hybrid allows you to drive in full electric mode and use no fuel when you’re idling. You won’t have to sacrifice comfort, style and flexible cargo handling to be kinder to the environment.

Ford Ranger
The Ford Ranger is an extremely capable compact truck that offers you the benefits of a full-size pickup, without the full-size cost. The Ranger will gladly show you its playful side, with a relaxing interior and out-of-this-world sound system. When you’re towing the family camper on your next weekend getaway, you’ll easily forget that you’re driving a pickup.

Ford F-150
Tough work demands a tough truck, one that can take a lot of punishment and be dependable when you need it most. The Ford-150 is a truck that will meet the challenge in winning style. Build your F-150 to meet your specific needs and add the extra towing and hauling capabilities to best serve you. When the day is done, you need a capable truck that won’t let you down.

Ford Super Duty F-250
When your work demands even more out of a truck, the Ford Super Duty F-250 will answer the challenge. Build a Super Duty F-250 to fit your lifestyle with three available body styles and four trims; luxury transportation or a tough work truck – it’s all up to you. You will also enjoy increased fuel economy from a diesel power plant and whichever way you go, a refined ride and outstanding performance is in your future.

Ford Super Duty F-350
If you didn’t think it could get any better than the Super Duty F-250, think again. The Ford Super Duty F-350 is built for even harder work, while providing incredibly stable towing. You can carry enormous payloads, all the while riding in a style that belies a tougher-than-nails performing truck. The F-350 will provide you with an easy driving experience, with numerous configurations and trim levels so you can easily build the F-350 to meet your daily needs.

Ford Super Duty F-450
The Ford Super Duty F-450 is the granddaddy of tough performing trucks. Handling even larger payloads with added towing capabilities, this is a truck that will give its all and a whole lot more. With a striking interior and plethora of available upscale features, you can customize an F-450 specifically for you. Let the Ford Super Duty F-450 prove to you that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style to have a top performing super duty truck.

Ford Transit Connect Van
There is finally a flexible vehicle to meet your complex business needs. The Ford Transit Connect Van will give you the similar qualities of a car, such as comfort and exceptional maneuverability with an affordable price to keep you within budget. Customize the Connect Van for your specific needs with increased payload capabilities, along with cargo space.

Ford Transit Connect Wagon
If your business requires you to carry more passengers than the 2-seat Transit Connect Van, the Ford Transit Connect Wagon is right for you. With an ability to easily accommodate up to five people, yet provide more than enough cargo space, you will have the flexibility your business needs. If your business necessitates even more flexibility, fold and flip the 2nd-row seats to increase your cargo space.

Ford E-Series Van
Time is money and your business must have a van that can haul more cargo on each trip or you’ll lose valuable profits. The Ford E-Series Cargo Van has an extended length to handle even more cargo and will provide you with the power you need. Remain focused on the job with a comfortable ride that will maximize your productivity.

Ford E-Series Wagon
If you need more power combined with spacious passenger comfort, yet still require a large amount of versatile cargo space, the Ford E-Series Wagon was made for you. Build the E-series Wagon to meet your specific needs – from a regular length wagon to an extended length, there is a seating configuration and package that was designed specifically for you and your needs.

An Easy-To-Understand Guide For Ford Loyalty Rebates & Ford Conquest Incentives

There’s always a silver lining during challenging times, if we’re willing to look for it. How that translates into buying a new car is that automakers are more competitive than ever to win you over. They’re offering more creative incentives to keep your business or to encourage you to leave one of their competitors.

When you understand how this works to your advantage, you will be able to realize maximum savings when buying a new Ford.

  • Ford “Loyalty” Rebates/Incentives: To encourage a car buyer to stick with them when buying a new car, many automakers offer what’s called a “loyalty rebate” as incentive. For example, let’s say you currently own a Ford and then look to buy another new Ford. The loyalty rebate is a reward for sticking with the automaker.

  • Ford Conquest Rebates/Incentives: Here is where the competitive nature comes into play – to your benefit; providing you with incentive to leave your old automaker and buy from another. Example: Let’s say you currently own a GMC truck and, of course, Ford wants you to buy one of theirs. A conquest rebate is offered as incentive to get you to switch to Ford.

A Historical Analysis Of Ford Rebates & Incentives

To give you an idea of how much money is on the table in the form of Ford Rebates and Incentives, let’s take a look at a few current offers. Keep in mind that Ford Rebates and Incentives, just like from other car manufacturers, are time sensitive; just because they are available today doesn’t mean the exact same rebate or incentive will be in effect a month from now.

The good news for car buyers is that while one rebate or incentive may expire, another very likely will be offered in its place – possibly for an even higher amount. Ford has a good history for offering rebates and incentives to car buyers. When you receive your new Ford price quote, you will receive the latest rebates and incentives Ford is offering on the model of your choice.

  • Low APR rates range from .90% – 4.90% for 24 months and 2.90% to 6.90% on a 60-month APR (exp. 4/2/12)

  • Cash rebates range from $500 to $3,500, depending on the model selected (exp. 4/2/12)

  • There are several models, such as Ford Fiesta and the Ford F Series, where both low APR rates and cash rebates are being offered. For example:
    • The Ford Fiesta currently has APR offers of 1.90% to 3.90% depending on the financing term and rebates between $500-$700 (exp. 4/2/12)
    • The Ford F Series has low APR offers from 2.90% on 24 month financing to 4.90% APR for 60 months with rebates from $1500-$2000 (exp. 4/2/12)

Low APR Financing or a Cash Rebate – Which is Best for You?

As we’ve discussed, in such a competitive market most car dealerships and automakers are offering some form of incentive to encourage you to buy your new car from them. More often than not, you’ll need to decide between either a low APR rate or a cash rebate.

When you are presented with two options to take, it all comes down to your individual situation and needs. For instance, let’s say you have bad credit, then you will definitely want to choose the cash rebate, because low APR offers usually require excellent credit. With a rebate the car dealership doesn’t need to know nor cares what’s on your credit report.

What if you have an A+ credit rating? Which option is best for you in those circumstances? It’s important to think about how much interest you will incur over the life of the loan. If you’ll end up saving a lot of money in interest payments, much more than the offered rebate, then that would be the wiser choice.

If, however, you’ll be spending a lot more money on interest payments and you can get better financing through your bank or credit union, take the cash rebate and decline the manufacturers APR incentives. It all comes down to which incentive will save you the most money in the long run.

The most important thing you need to do before meeting with a car salesperson, is to think about your individual situation and then stand firm; don’t let anyone try to coerce you into making a decision that will cost you in the long run. You are in control.

Now that you have a lot of food for thought, get started on your journey to buying a new Ford at the lowest possible price by requesting a free, no-obligation-to-buy Ford price quote. Be in the driver’s seat when negotiating the best possible deal on an affordable new Ford in .

There are many things in life that are out of our control – buying a new car does not need to be one of them.

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