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Use Rebates and Incentives to Get a Great Deal on a New Ford – Become a Ford Owner Today!

Becoming a new Ford owner has never been easier. Get started online by comparing dealer prices as well as rebates and incentives on the Ford model of your choice.

Request your free price quote today! Why waste time going from dealer to dealer when you can get all the information you need online? Make dealers compete for your business so the only thing you need to do at the dealership is test drive your Ford and sign the papers.

Get Started on Choosing the Ford That’s Right for You


Ford Fiesta

Get ready for the party with the Ford Fiesta! Driving a compact car has never been this fun or affordable. Cruise through town without worrying if filling the tank will break the bank. The Fiesta gets 29/39 MPG in city and highway driving respectively. Its compact size makes it easy to park just about anywhere, no more stresses, just easy driving.


Ford Focus

When choosing your new Ford, the focus belongs on you. With the Ford Focus this can become a reality. If you want a convenient, compact car but need a bit more room than the Fiesta, the Focus is for you. No need to go over budget to drive a snazzy fun car, with the Focus you will be able to save money and look good doing it. Its kinetic exterior design allows you to drive in the chic sophistication you deserve. The Focus puts the focus on quality in every detail, including your safety, so you can drive with no worries.


Ford Fusion

Do you want to fuse comfort, luxury and affordability? Look no further than the Ford Fusion. It has 41 MPG in the city so you're guaranteed to save money on gas. With plenty of room for the whole clan, you'll drive happily and in comfort, and still have room for the family bags on that well-deserved weekend getaway.


Ford Fusion Hybrid

If you want to drive a great midsize sedan and give Mother Nature a break at the same time then the Fusion Hybrid is for you. You'll enjoy all the benefits of the Fusion with the added confidence that your environmental footprint is reduced. Cruise with electric power up to a speed of 47MPH and let the gas kick in if needed. Just because you're environmentally aware doesn't mean you have to compromise.


Ford Mustang

If you want a classic American car at a great price then the Ford Mustang is for you. Enjoy the power of the V6 or V8 engine and never glance back as you leave the city behind and cruise on the open road. With ample room for five adults, you'll drive in comfort and class, and be the envy of every driver on the road. Drive in confidence with the Mustang’s state-of-the-art safety features that'll keep you and your passengers safe, as well as stylish.


Ford Shelby GT500

If speed is your aim then the GT500 is your game. Take in the stylish body and relax in its sumptuous interior. With its 5.8L supercharged V8 engine, you'll get everything you need, in terms of power and speed. Driving a fast car doesn’t have to mean going over your budget, with the reasonable price of the GT500 you can have the best of both worlds.


Ford Taurus

Needing a car big enough for the entire family doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort or style. For a car that won't let you down, the Taurus is your answer. Drive with the whole family in its roomy interior, or roll up the windows on your way to work and shut the world out. The Taurus is so quiet you won’t hear a thing. Enjoy the luxury of the heated steering wheel and climate-controlled front seats- spoil yourself, and your family, with the Taurus.


Ford Explorer

You can’t go wrong with the Explorer. This powerful SUV will tackle whatever you throw its way, whether that be city or country driving. It has ample room for seven passengers so you and your family can leave the days of cramped car rides behind. The Explorer is a big ride, and for your convenience it comes with a rear camera to help with parking. With the available Terrain Management System, you won't have to worry about driving on uncertain terrain; the Explorer will adjust for you. This is a purchase the whole family will appreciate.


Ford Flex

You are not an ordinary person, and the Flex is not an ordinary SUV. Its unique styling and spacious 7-passenger seating will have you feeling like the king, or queen, of the road. It has a lot of storage space so you won’t have to worry about fitting everything in the car on those long family road trips. Add to your comfort with the Flex’s refrigerated second row heated and cooler console. With a low price tag compared to other SUVs, the Flex is the SUV for you.


Ford Expedition

Life is for living, with the Expedition you'll do this and more. Blaze a trail in the wilderness or zoom to your local coffee shop, the Expedition can handle it all. The Expedition is all about capability and you'll experience this as soon as you climb inside its spacious cabin. It has Roll Stability Control and SOS Post-Crash alert System , making it not only powerful, but safe. With the Expedition’s ample room for seven passengers as well as cargo space, you'll have no trouble driving in comfort.


Ford Edge

If you want the edge on the road and other drivers, then the Ford Edge is the SUV for you. It has classy body styling, bound to invite some envious glares from other drivers. It comes complete with a panoramic vista roof making enjoying the weekend sunshine easy. With 27MPG on the highway you'll be able to save money for life’s more important adventures, trusting that the Edge will get you there.


Ford Escape

Do you need a break for the usual, climb into the Ford Escape and see what you’ve been missing. Modern body styling and a luxurious interior will leave you content that you've made the right choice. Available active parking assistance complete with a smooth ride will put the fun back into driving. Go away for the weekend and have no fear that all your bags will fit, it has abundant cargo space as well as a roof rack and hidden interior consoles. What more could you want?


Ford Escape Hybrid

If you want all the luxuries of the Escape, with the satisfaction that you're giving the earth a break, then the Escape Hybrid should be top of your list. The Escape Hybrid gets 34 MPG in city driving, and using the electricity alone can achieve speeds up to 44 MPH. There's no need to sacrifice your desire for an SUV to be green.


Ford F-150

Look no further, the F-150 is here to answer all your work truck needs. It has best-in-class towing and payload and can be customized to meet your specifications. The F-150 can get the job done and still serve as your trusted family vehicle. Versatility is its middle name.


Ford Super Duty F-250, F-350 and F-450

If you need a true workhorse truck, check out the Super Duty lineup from Ford. Enjoy amazing towing capabilities, interior luxury and safety to make your job and journey a confident one. Whatever the level of power you require there is a Super Duty Ford truck to get the job done and take no prisoners.


Ford Transit Connect Van

If you need a van to fulfill your business requirements then the Transit Connect Van is your best bet. Its high ceiling gives it the space to transport whatever you require and it can be easily branded to your business. Dual sliding doors add to the convenience of this reasonably priced van. You and your business will be wishing you bought it sooner.


Ford Transit Connect Wagon

If you need more room to fit more passengers and cargo than what the Connect Van can handle, then the Connect Wagon is for you. Comfortably fit up to five passengers and still utilize the room you need for your cargo transportation, or quickly fold down the back seats for added cargo room. The Wagon doesn't skim on versatility.


Ford E-Series Van

The E-Series Van has enough room and capability to handle whatever you throw its way. Utilize the handy roof rack for added cargo space, ensuring that whatever job you have will get done fast. When everything you require can fit in the E-Series Van, why would you waste your time with anything else? Haul and tow a maximum load of 10,000-lbs, and use the Trailer Brake Controller System to synchronize your vehicle and trailer brakes for additional safety. Make your life and job easier with the E-Series Van.


Ford E-Series Wagon

The E-Series Wagon has been the number-one selling wagon in America for over 30 years. If this doesn’t tell you that the E-Series Wagon is a keeper, nothing will. It can effortlessly accommodate up to 15 passengers, as well as provide ample cargo room by just a quick fold of the seats. If you need even more room, opt for the extended length, either way you won’t regret purchasing the E-Series Wagon.

Utilize Different Types of New Car Incentives for a Better Deal on a New Ford

New car buying rebates and incentives are a great way to save money on a new car and make you a Ford owner in no time. However, it's important to understand the differences between them. Customer cash or bonus cash is given to the consumer by the manufacturer as a rebate and is generally applied to the purchase price of the car. Sometimes bonus cash comes with requirements such as a loyalty rebate where you have to prove you own a vehicle of the same make or a conquest rebate where you must prove you own a competitor's make.

Dealer cash is money given to the car dealer by the manufacturer, while they are not required to share this money with you, they may if it means making a sale.

Low APR financing is an incentive offering interest rates on select vehicles ranging from zero to 5%. Financing incentives are usually tied to a specific loan term so keep this in mind when considering the length of loan you are interested in. You generally need good credit to qualify so it's better to get pre-approved somewhere else in case you're not eligible for the financing incentive or if you want to compare the interest rates.

Request a free online Ford price quote and gain access to up to date pricing and discount information, including rebates and incentives, for the Ford model you are interested in.

Use Ford Incentives and Rebates to Save Money and Become a Ford Owner

Ford offers great rebates and incentives on a range of new Ford models, making it easier for you to afford to become a new Ford owner. Apply the rebate to the negotiated purchase price for an even lower price, or use the financing incentive to enjoy low monthly Ford payments.

The Mustang and Fusion Hybrid offer a $1,500 to $2,000 rebate, while the Expedition has up to a $3,000 rebate. Other models such as the Ford Flex offer up to a $2,000 rebate and the Fiesta offers up to a $750 rebate. (These rebates expire April 2, 2012). Ford also has great financing incentives; the F-150 and E-Series Van have a 2.90, 24 and 36 month ARP, while the Fiesta has a 1.90, 24 and 36 month APR rate. (Incentives also expire April 2, 2012.)

Rebates and incentives change often so it is important to stay up to date, request a free price quote and get all the special rebates and incentives for the Ford model of your choice.

Rebate or Incentive on a New Ford Vehicle? Make the Choice That's Right for You!

Car makers generally make you choose between a rebate or low interest rate loan on a new Ford. Rebates are usually seen as the better deal, especially if you need cash for a down payment, as the rebate can be used for this. However, if no rebates are offered, or the low interest rate is more appealing, you should crunch the numbers and see which is best for you. Keep in mind that a low or zero percent APR is usually only valid for shorter loan periods, and you may be able to secure a better loan from a different financial institution. Be sure to look at all the angles and make sure you are picking the deal that will save you the most money on a new Ford.

Get the information you need to decide on a rebate or incentive today! Request a free Ford price quote and uncover all the available rebates and incentives for the model of your choice as well as compare dealership prices. Make dealers compete for your business and drive away a happy new Ford owner.

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