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hyundai sonata rebates

Rebates are a great way to offset the cost of a Hyundai Sonata. Sometimes manufacturers offer rebates as discounts to encourage consumers to buy their product. Request a FREE car quote today and find hidden rebates and incentives in your town. Find the best possible Hyundai Sonata deals in .

Hyundai Sonata Review:

The Hyundai Sonata is an economically luxurious midsize sedan. It has been classified as a full size family sedan by the EPA and can comfortably fit your whole family. Hyundai cars are comfortable, reliable and easy on your wallet. Similar to most vehicles in the midsize sedan category, the Sonata offers 4-wheel drive, several safety features, and numerous choices of trim levels ranging from luxurious to sporty. The Sonata stands apart from other similar makes and models due to its low pricing and fabulous warranty coverage.

What Others Are Saying:

“The redesigned Sonata is a major leap ahead of its predecessor. It now ranks with our top-rated family sedans and is competitively priced.”Consumer Reports

“Completely redesigned for 2011, the Sonata is freshly styled and more spacious than its predecessor. It brings a few innovations to the game, including a new direct-injected four-cylinder power plant mated to a six-speed automatic – yet it has no V6 option.”AOL

Average Prices in Different Areas

Different Areas Average Price $ Suggested Targeted Price $ Different Areas Average Price $ Suggested Targeted Price $
Alexandria, VA 20,077 19,899 Blue Town, TX 20,125 20,062
Baton Rouge, LA 20,086 19,930 Carbon, TX 20,075 19,936
Winter Park, FL 19,806 18,510 Chapel Hill, NC 20,420 18,448
Mobile, AL 20,050 19,766 Princeton, NJ 19,700 18,259
East Grand Forks, MN 20,498 20,083 San Francisco, CA 20,100 19,971


The Hyundai Sonata’s reliability is one of the best in the business. Several auto review sites give it above average ratings in almost every category. Drive system, transmission, engine systems, brakes and exhausts are all among the highest rated in comparison to other models in its class. From review, the Hyundai Sonata ranks above the Ford Fusion, Subaru Legacy, and Toyota Camry in overall owner satisfaction and crash test durability. Driving this, you will be confident your family is safe. If you lease or buy a Sonata, it will not let you down and you will not be disappointed!

Hyundai Sonata Head to Head Competition

Looking at the Hyundai Sonata compared to two similar models, the Sonata is on top in almost every field. It is lower in price, more spacious, has better crash test ratings and by far the best basic warranty. Look at the figures below to see how the Sonata compares.

Hyundai Sonata has above average government front crash test. Its strong frame ensures you will be well protected in an accident. It has the best basic warranty: 5yrs/60,000 miles. You will be covered and have assistance, should any unforeseen problems occur within the first 5 years, or up to 60,000 miles. 5yr unlimited miles roadside aid. Therefore, if you have any problems driving, you can be confident assistance is only a phone call away.

Unlike the Sonata, the Ford Fusion has no daytime running lights. This lessens your safety in the event you forget to manually turn on the lights, for instance, in bad weather. This model has a less than perfect front crash test. This means you will not be as safe in the event of an accident than you would be in the Sonata. It also has less rear foot room, making your backseat passengers less comfortable. The basic warranty of 3yrs/36,000miles is shorter than the Sonatas (5yr 60,000miles roadside aid).

Like the Fusion, this model does not have daytime running lights and it also does not have an airbag occupant sensing system. This means there is a potential for the airbag to deploy in front of a child during an accident, which could cause extreme bodily harm. It has a less than perfect front crash test and less front shoulder room. Unlike in the roomy Sonata, you and your front passenger will be more cramped. Basic warranty 3yrs/36,000 miles. 3yr 36,000miles roadside aid, a shorter time period and lower mileage than with the Sonata.

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