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How Kia Incentives & Rebates Equals Maximum Savings On A New Kia

When buying a new Kia you need to be armed with as much information as possible before negotiating with a Kia dealership. When you request a free, no obligation to buy Kia price quote you will receive the up to date rebate and incentive information that you need to negotiate in confidence for the best possible price on your new Kia.

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A New Kia For Every Budget & Lifestyle

Kia Forte
With a splash of European flare, you won’t have any complaints with the affordable Kia Forte. You will be pleasantly surprised when you accelerate through heavy traffic behind the wheel of the value oriented Forte. With a surprising amount of leg room in an interior designed to keep outside noise where it belongs, you will arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to start your day. Drive easier knowing that your new Kia Forte sedan remains an IIHS Top Safety pick.

Kia Forte Koup
The Kia Forte Koup is one hot ride, taking curves with a peppy exuberance that contradicts how an affordable car should handle. Crank up the amazing stereo system as you wind around curving roads, while you and your passengers are transported to your destination in comfort. No longer will you dread stopping for gas as your Forte Koup willing obliges you with a fuel efficiency that will have you whistling at the pump. Whoever said that a high performing car must come at a high cost has obviously never driven the Kia Forte Koup.

Kia Optima
You will discover right from the start that the Kia Optima is not your average midsized sedan. With a sinful amount of luxury features, you will have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming when you remember the little money you paid for so much indulgence. Heading out of town for a weekend getaway, just reach into your cooling glove compartment and pull out a chilled can of soda – you’ll smile when you realize that dreams can in fact become reality.

Kia Rio
The Kia Rio has put the fun back into functional. When you slide your 6’2” frame into the Rio you will be speechless to discover that looks can, in fact, be deceiving. With its comfortable and spacious interior that provides you with ample leg room, you will finally have the comfort you need without having to pay extra for it. As you’re driving down the highway you will continue to be surprised as you easily navigate through traffic, while enjoying the appreciative glances you recieve from other drivers.

Rio 5-Door
Pick a door, any door – with the Rio 5-Door you will find impressive things behind every single one, causing you to do a double-take at its price tag. Enjoy a fun-to-drive experience when zipping to the store or your next weekend getaway, arriving to your destination faster and less expensively than you imagined possible. Kia hit the ball out of the park when they built the Rio 5-Door.

Kia Sedona
If you are looking for a van that can comfortably and affordably carry your family on your next vacation then look no further – The Kia Sedona will exceed your expectations when climbing elevated passes and taking winding mountain roads. Enjoy an interior that is so quiet you will need to lower the windows to hear the sounds of nature. Whether you’re on vacation or simply taking the kids to the mall, everyone will enjoy the trip in the Sedona.

Kia Sorento
If it is possible to fall in love with a vehicle, then experience love-at- first- drive in a new Kia Sorento. Encounter abject pleasure when you enjoy all of the bells and whistles normally found in much pricier vehicles in the more affordably priced Sorento. Day-to-day life can be expensive enough; give your pocketbook a welcome break while not compromising on a high quality ride.

Kia Soul
Driving through inclement weather conditions while staying safe does not need to come at a high price. You will revel in the great performance and smooth handling of the Kia Soul as you navigate busy highways or challenging mountain curves. You and your passengers will ride comfortably in its spacious interior while the sounds of your favorite band play on an out of this world sound system.

Kia Sportage
If your lifestyle calls for a vehicle that is spacious, comfortable and will make you smile at the gas pump, then the Kia Sportage is here to answer that call. Enjoy the fun to drive factor with more special features than you could have designed yourself. Handle snowy roads like a pro without white-knuckles, arriving to your destination calm, cool and collected.

Understanding The Kia Loyalty & Competitive Bonus Programs: Your Guide To Saving Money

Automakers are competitive by nature; during tough economic times they are even more so. Kia is anxious to say thank you for being a current valued customer, as well as offer you encouragement if you currently own a competitors car.

Here are a few examples of how it works, so you can see the additional savings you get from allowing them to say thank you for buying a new Kia. Naturally offers like this are time sensitive, so current offers might not be available next month. The good news is that they are normally extended and in some cases the amount is even higher.

  • Kia Loyalty Program: If you currently own a Kia, the manufacturer would like to say thank you and put their money where their mouth is. Example: If you buy a 2012 Sedona get ready to receive $1500 as a thank you gift (exp. 4/2/12). You will need to provide proof that you currently own a Kia when you go to the Kia dealership.

  • Kia Competitive Bonus Program: Here is where competition really works to your advantage. If you currently own another make of car, Kia would like to show you their appreciation for making your new car a Kia. In other words, encourage you to leave the competition. Example: Qualifying new customers may receive $1000 simply for buying a new Kia Optima (exp. 4/2/12).

Kia’s History Of Offering Great Rebates & Incentives

Kia not only provides quality and affordable new cars, they have a history of offering great rebates and incentives to their customers. This translates into even more savings off their already low price tags. Here are just a few examples so you can see in black and white how these rebates and incentives can lead to phenomenal savings when you buy a new Kia.

Once again, do keep in mind that while current rebates and incentives used for example purposes are set to expire 4/2/12, , when you receive your free, no obligation-to-buy price quote you will be receiving the most current incentives that are being offered by Kia.

  • Kia Forte: Regional Cash Rebates up to $500
  • Kia Forte Koup: Regional Cash Rebates up to $500
  • Kia Rio: As Low as 0.9% APR Financing
  • Kia Rio5: As Low as 0.9% APR Financing
  • Kia Sorento: Regional Cash Rebates up to $1,000
  • Kia Soul: As Low as 0.9% APR Financing

How To Decide Between Kia Cash Rebates & Zero Percent APR Financing

Determining whether a Kia cash rebate or zero percent APR financing is the better choice does not need to be a mind boggling decision. You simply need to be aware of how they work and evaluate your own personal situation.

  • Cash Rebates: Just like it sounds cash rebates (cash back offers) is money that you receive direct from the automaker when you buy one of their cars. There are some rebates that are offered to members of the military and college grads – others to the general public. There are many types of rebates being offered, so you simply need to know about them before talking with the car dealership.

  • Special APR Financing Offers: Many automakers will also offer super low APR rates when you finance your new car through them. There are many zero percent APR offers for the first few years. Even if the Kia APR offer isn’t zero you may find the offered rate is lower than you could get from your bank.

When deciding whether a cash rebate or low APR financing offer is the right choice for you, simply take a close look at the amount of the cash rebate versus interest savings through a low interest rate. If you determine that your overall savings will be greater through a low APR offer, then that very well may be the better choice.

However, do keep in mind that in almost all cases you will be required to have excellent credit in order to take advantage of low APR offers. By determining your credit score and eligibility beforehand, you will already know which offer is good for you. If you have poor credit, take the cash rebate and run.

If you know you have excellent credit, yet determine through your longtime bank or credit union that they can offer you a great APR rate consider financing through them and taking the cash rebate from the manufacturer.

Get on your way to receiving maximum savings on the new Kia that is perfect for you and your active lifestyle. Request a free, no-obligation-to-buy Kia price quote and receive the latest pricing information, along with cash rebates and financing incentives being offered by the top competing Kia dealerships in .

Driving a brand new Kia at a super low price truly can be more than just a dream – it can be a reality.

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