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The 5 Best Times During the Year to Get a Great Deal With 2012 Kia Rebates

Kia offers customers incentives and rebates to create a win/win for them as a manufacturer, as well as you the customer. It helps them sell more cars, while providing you with money saving cash back rebates and other money saving incentives; such as low APR financing and special lease terms. Kia also offers special groups of people additional incentives like a competitive bonus, loyalty bonus, military offers and college grad savings offers.

Kia provides advertising support directly to their dealerships which may be passed on to you in the form of a price reduction on a new Kia. One of the most common types of these programs is the Kia dealer cash incentive.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy Kia price quote, our database will search for the best available Kia rebates 2012, along with special incentives being offered in . You’ll also receive – direct to your computer – competing price quotes from top certified Kia dealerships in your area.

  • A hassle-free/Haggle-free Kia buying experience
  • Find available no money down Kia offers
  • Available APR Kia financing offers/Limited time only specials
  • Low available monthly Kia payments
  • Free, no obligation to buy Kia price quotes

With generous Kia rebates, 2012 incentives, along with Kia dealers in competing for your business, a great deal is just a mouse click away.

The 5 Best Times to Buy a New Kia

If you really want to seal the deal on a great price for your new Kia, here are the 5 best times during the year when you can maximize your savings:

  1. Every dealership, including Kia, has monthly sales goals and at the end of the month they’re trying to hit numbers; consequently, they’ll offer special incentives to generate sales and get their bonus money. Often, on particular models they’ve been offered even more incentive money by Kia, so they’re very willing to make a deal to get the big bonus money.
  2. During the holiday months, like November and December, dealerships are pretty much ghost towns. This is because their customers are focusing on family, holiday parties, buying gifts and all of those wonderful things we do over the holidays. Plus, the weather can be pretty miserable during winter months. You go to a Kia dealership this time of the year and you’ll be treated like a VIP (and get VIP deals).
  3. November and December also affects Kia, as they’re trying to hit their end of the year projections. They offer customers huge rebates and incentive deals to entice you to buy a Kia before year end.
  4. Kia will also offer big incentives during the year, starting as early as May, and running through the summer if they’re planning on introducing a new model earlier than winter/fall.
  5. Keep in mind, as well, that the seasons play a big part on getting good deals. For example, you won’t get a good deal on an AWD Kia when the snow’s flying, however, you sure could in the summer when no one is thinking about a winter drive.

Kia Rebates 2012: The Year of Great Deals

Kia is offering customers some great rebates and incentives to buy one of their vehicles. Here are a few examples of the generous offers Kia is extending to customers. Do remember that manufacturer rebates and incentives are time sensitive; in the case of the Kia rebates/2012 incentives being used for example purposes, they’ll be expiring on 4/30/12:

  • 2012 Kia Forte: 1.90% – 2.90% APR Financing or $1,000 Cash Rebate
  • 2012 Kia Sedona: 1.90% – 2.90% APR Financing or $2,500 Cash Rebate

Get on the road to negotiating a great deal using 2012 Kia rebates and incentives by requesting a free, no obligation to buy Kia price quote. You’ll receive Kia’s current available customer rebates and incentives, along with competing price quotes from top certified Kia dealers in .

Once you have the information, pick one of the “5 Best Times To Buy a Kia” and contact the Kia dealers, so they start competing for your business.

Hold all the cards when you negotiate a great deal on the new Kia that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

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