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Get Huge Savings with Mazda Rebates and Incentives

Searching for a new Mazda? You should do your best to secure any available Mazda rebates and incentives to get huge savings on your new car!

Start by requesting a FREE online price quote. You will be provided with all the information that you need in order to enjoy maximum savings on a new Mazda, including:

  • Updated pricing and discount information on the latest Mazda cars and SUV’s.
  • Hidden rebates and secret incentives exclusively for online buyers.
  • USA certified Mazda dealers that carry a complete inventory of the vehicle that you want.
  • Available $0 down payment lease offers and low APR financing for added savings.

Before buying or leasing a new Mazda, you should secure any available rebates and incentive offers from certified Mazda dealers in your zip code. You can do this simply by requesting a FREE online price quote. This way, you can compare prices and get the latest Mazda rebates and incentives without leaving the comforts of home.

There is no need to haggle with a car salesman and there is no obligation to buy. Get huge savings on any type of new Mazda so you can pay less than what other people are paying for the same car!

Use Rebates and Incentives to Get a Lower Price on a New Car

Rebates and incentives can come in many forms, but they primarily serve a single purpose - to increase sales.

Special rebates and incentives can be offered as a direct cash discount (also known as cash-back or customer cash) or as a low APR financing or leasing incentive. Car makers also provide discounts and cash-back offers select groups of customers, such as college graduates, first-time car buyers, or to members of the US Military.

When thinking about buying or leasing a new car, knowing the latest rebate and incentive offers will help you decide which particular car will provide better value for money.

Here is a quick summary of the different types of incentives:

  • Cash rebates or bonus cash offers can either be applied as an added discount to the negotiated price or can be pocketed by the customer. If you are planning to finance your new car, deducting the cash rebate from the purchase price will give you lower monthly loan payments.
  • Low APR financing or 0% APR offers will save you money on your cost of credit, or the cost of financing your new car.
  • Special lease offers with low monthly lease payments and low money factor rates are designed to deliver competitive lease prices, making them more affordable to the car buyer.

Keep in mind that financing incentives will require you to have an acceptable level of credit, while cash rebates have nothing to do with your credit standing. Whatever the case may be, rebates and incentives are used to encourage you to buy a new car. In return, they can save you more money as well.

The Mazda S-Plan Purchase Program- How it Works as an Incentive to Buy a Mazda

Mazda of North America is proud to offer the Mazda S-Plan Purchase Program. This is a discount program intended for Mazda dealership and Ford Motor Company employees, retirees and immediate family members. The Mazda S-Plan Purchase Program will allow qualified buyers to buy any type of new Mazda vehicle using the S-Plan price, which is equal to the vehicle invoice price. The invoice price is considerably less than the MSRP.

If you belong to the following categories, then you are entitled to take advantage of the Mazda S-Plan Purchase Program:

  • Mazda dealership employees and immediate family members
  • Mazda-approved supplier employees and their spouses
  • Employees/retirees of Ford Motor Company and immediate family members
  • Ford-approved supplier employees and their spouses
  • Individuals who are sponsored by a Mazda employee.

Apart from buying a new Mazda vehicle using the invoice price, qualified participants can also take advantage of any available rebates, incentives, and lease specials on any kind of Mazda vehicle.

If you are qualified for the Mazda S-Plan Purchase Program, this is a good incentive that will allow you to save thousands of dollars on your new car. All you need to do is to generate a special S-Plan PIN code and print the PIN certificate. Simply show the PIN certificate to any participating Mazda dealer and you are automatically entitled to enjoy huge savings on select Mazda vehicles.

Mazda Owner Loyalty Bonus Rebate Program

If you currently own a Mazda vehicle, you can enjoy an added $500 discount upon the purchase or lease of a new Mazda car or SUV under the Mazda Owner Loyalty Bonus Rebate Program.

The Mazda Owner Loyalty Bonus Rebate is offered as a way of saying thanks to those who continue to support the Mazda brand. This offer is only for a limited time, and is available to all Mazda vehicles in the lineup, including the Mazda MX-5 and the new 2013 Mazda CX-5.

Simply present a copy of your current Mazda vehicle registration or vehicle title to any participating Mazda dealer to claim your $500 loyalty owner discount. The Mazda Loyalty Owner Bonus Rebate can also be combined with current cash back and financing/leasing incentive offers in your zip code.

Current Mazda Rebates and Incentives

Here are the latest rebate and incentive offers only from Mazda:

Mazda3 4-Door and Mazda3 5-Door

Whether you choose the 4-door or 5-door version, you can expect sporty handling and refined road manners with the new Mazda3.

The Mazda3 is currently offered at a low APR rate of 0.9% for 36 months. Lease prices for the Mazda3 4-door start at around $185/month for 36 months. The Mazda3 5-door starts at a lease price of around $224/month for 36 months.


The Mazda5 is unique because it merges the spaciousness of a small minivan with the sporty handling of a compact SUV.

The Mazda5 is offered with a low APR financing rate of 0.9% for 60 months.


The Mazda6 deserves attention if you want a sporty midsize sedan. It also happens that the Mazda6 is also stylish, comfortable, and roomy.

The Mazda6 is offered at an APR rate of 1.9% for 60 months. Lease prices for the Mazda 6 start at around $249/month for 36 months.

Remaining 2012 models of the Mazda6 can be yours at 0% APR for up to 60 months, with lease prices starting at $209/month for 36 months.

Mazda CX-5

The all new Mazda CX-5 is a breath of fresh air in the compact SUV category. It provides sporty handling and incredible fuel economy with the use of Mazda’s proprietary SKYACTIV-G engine and transmission systems.

Enjoy a low APR rate of 0.9% for 36 months on the new Mazda CX-5. Lease prices starts at around $239/month for 36 months.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The new MX-5 Miata is bigger and more powerful than its predecessor, but it is still the same sporty roadster with nifty handling and accurate steering.

The Mazda MX-5 is now offered at 0% APR for up to 36 months. Lease prices starts at around $249/month for 24 months.

Mazda CX-9

The Mazda CX-9 is a fun-to-drive, agile and spacious seven-seat crossover SUV.

The CX-9 is offered at 0% APR for up to 60 months plus $750 customer cash. Lease prices starts at around $309/month for 36 months.
All Mazda rebates and incentives are good until 5/31/2012.

Get huge savings with Mazda rebates and incentives! Simply request a FREE online price quote to get the latest rebate and incentive offers, the best deals, and discounted prices from the nearest Mazda dealer in your zip code!

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