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How to Use The Nissan Dealer Rebates With Consumer Incentives & Rebates To Get The Best Possible Deal On A Brand New Nissan

If you really want the ability to negotiate a great deal on a new Nissan, there are several things you need to know. It’s more than simply using consumer rebates offered regionally by Nissan; it’s learning how to use the rebates that go into the dealer’s pocket that can truly get you the best deal.

In this article we’re going to cover the ways you can get maximum savings on your new Nissan, so that after you receive your free competing Nissan price quotes from Nissan dealers, along with available consumer rebates, you can leverage the information to negotiate the best possible deal.

The first order of business is looking at how consumer rebates and factory-to-dealer rebates work:

  1. Nissan consumer rebates (sometimes called customer cash/cash back rebate) are offered to you by Nissan when you buy one of their vehicles. You can utilize this money towards a down payment to reduce the negotiated purchase price. These cash incentives have nothing to do with individual Nissan dealers; it’s your money from the manufacturer.

  2. Nissan factory-to-dealer rebates and incentives are extended to the dealerships by Nissan on Nissans the dealership sells. The dealers then can utilize that money in any manner they want; pay advertising/marketing, give employee bonuses, increase their profit margin, or; pass some of that money to you by way of a discounted purchase price.

  3. These factory-to-dealer rebates and incentives lower the amount the Nissan dealership really pays for a new vehicle from the factory. Usually they’re offered regionally to spur competition among the dealerships in that region to sell slower selling models faster. Example: One dealer rebate/incentive could kick in as soon as a specific sales goal is achieved; with the rebate amount increasing for every additional sale.

  4. This is a clear example of why you should receive more than one Nissan price quote; when you receive competing price quotes from several Nissan dealers in you can use this information to force them to compete to make you a better deal. All of them have negotiating room and a lot of it; you simply need to play the numbers game and find the one dealer who’s willing to part with more of that incentive money to make the sale.

  5. When you’re reviewing the various Nissan consumer rebates and incentives keep in mind that you’ll own the car for several years; ensure that whichever Nissan you buy is one that’s right for you – regardless of rebates and incentives.

  6. When you receive your competing Nissan price quotes, compare the different models you requested information on; there might be one model that doesn’t have a rebate or incentive attached, but its long term, overall costs could be less – evaluate the big picture, don’t focus solely on available rebates.

  7. Always keep in mind that Nissans consumer rebates and incentives are offered by Nissan; not the Nissan dealers. Simply because Nissan is offering you cash incentives doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate a better purchase price with the dealership; one has nothing to do with the other.

Additional Incentives & Rebates You Could Qualify For

Besides the standard consumer rebates and incentives that manufacturers offer regionally to the general public, there are other discounting programs and incentives for select groups of people. Review the following to see if you’d qualify for even more savings:

  • Loyalty rebates are offered to existing customers who purchase another vehicle from the manufacturer – a way to say thank you for staying ‘loyal’;
  • Competitive rebates (sometimes called conquest) are used to encourage customers of another manufacturer to switch and buy a new vehicle from them;
  • U.S. Military;
  • College Graduates/Students.

Let’s Talk About Nissan’s VPP Program

Nissan has a great purchasing program offering eligible people the ability to buy a new Nissan at a previously negotiated price; in effect, making it a hassle-free process. Now you could be scratching your head wondering, “How could I possibly benefit from the VPP program?” Here’s how:

  • Who’s Eligible: Employees of Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) as well as affiliate companies (full time); retirees and surviving spouses; immediate family members, including spouses, mother and father, in-laws, kids (including step-children/ sons and daughters in-law) as well as brothers/sisters (including in-laws, half-brothers and sisters, and step-brothers/sisters) To be eligible must live in the US

  • The employees of NNA and their affiliate companies are eligible for 12 Infiniti/Nissan vehicles and 8 NCV automobiles per employee. Buys can be made by the employee, immediate family and extended family members and friends. Vehicles must be for personal use (excludes NCV).

  • Extended family and friends of NNA and affiliate-company employees can take advantage for a total of two vehicles per participant.The purchased vehicles must be for personal use only.

  • Trade-In Policy: The value of a trade-in can be used to pay for an automobile; however, they cannot be used to determine the purchase price. It is handled separately from the VVP price calculations.

  • Leasing: Special leasing incentives may apply if leasing through NMAC or Infiniti Financial services; VPP core incentive won’t apply to the transaction.

If you’re ready to put your new-found knowledge to work and start negotiating a great deal on a new Nissan, all you need to do is take a minute of your time to request a free, no obligation Nissan price quote. Once you have the competing price quotes from Nissan dealers, along with available customer rebates and incentives offered by Nissan, you’ll have everything you need to drive home with a great deal.

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