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Discover Nissan Factory Rebates In Just 60 Seconds

Request a free, no-obligation price quote, and our database will search for special factory rebates and incentives from local Nissan dealerships. Don’t overpay on your new Nissan.

  • A Nissan Factory Rebate is cash back given directly to you from Nissan when you buy one of their new cars. In a highly competitive market and sluggish economy, most manufacturers are offering substantial rebates (incentives) to new car buyers. It is cash, deducted from the negotiated sale price.
  • Nissan also offers special incentives such as low APR financing (ex: as low as 0%).
  • Dealer incentives (what dealerships don’t want you to know) are special incentives the manufacturer offers dealerships to sell a certain number of their cars – within a certain period of time.
  • When negotiating with Nissan dealerships, let them know you are aware of rebates and incentives – this let’s them know you have done your research and are a knowledgeable consumer.

Get started now by discovering all of the current Nissan factory rebates and incentives being offered. Order a free, no-obligation price quote and you’ll be able to negotiate with confidence for the lowest price on your new 2012 Nissan.

Overview of Nissan

When it comes to style and performance, Nissans drive for excellence has resulted in a distinguished line of automobiles to suit any taste and budget. Here are some of the highlights:

With the Altima Coupe, Nissan takes the refinement of the Nissan Altima and combines it with the boldness of a sports car. The Altima Coupe’s body is similar to the Infiniti G35 coupe and offers a commanding V6 engine, push button start ignition, with Nissans inventive “Xtronic CVT” (Continuously Variable Transmission) offered as an option.

The CVT offers a gearless transmission that shifts smoothly and improves fuel economy. Optional leather seats, premium audio system and 6 standard air bags are also included in this cars list of wonderful features.

Nissan’s Versa is one of its most efficient cars and has been improved upon each year. It provides the most overall interior space in its class and passengers of all sizes will comfortably enjoy the ride. The Versa has great MPG for its class.

The Nissan Murano SUV with its powerful V6 engine leaves its competitors in the dust. The Murano offers drivers a state of the art AWD (All Wheel Drive) system. With styles offering heated seats, dual zone climate control, Bose audio system and optional leather interior. The Murano provides a luxurious feel while you sit back and relax during the smooth ride.

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A few words from our customers
Disclaimer: Current rebates and incentives may change without notice. Most offers are available for a limited period of time or may vary be region/time of year. We strive to keep our list of rebate and incentives as up-to-date as possible, but cannot guarantee availability. Zero down offers and financing rates are dependent on credit score, eligibility is determined by the dealership. New offers appear daily, if you don't see an offer today for the car or truck you want, check back soon.