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Drive Home a Great Deal With Nissan Incentives & Rebates

With Nissan incentives and rebates, along with special Nissan programs and exclusive tax benefits, there’s never been a better time to buy a new car.

When you request a free, no obligation to buy Nissan price quote, our database will search for the best available customer rebates and Nissan incentives that Nissan is offering in . You will also receive, direct to your computer, competing price offers from top Nissan dealerships in your area – use the information to make them compete for your business.

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What You Need to Know About Nissan’s VPP Program

Nissan has a vehicle purchase program (VPP) that offers eligible people the ability to buy a Nissan at a pre-negotiated price, making it a virtually hassle free process. You might be asking yourself, “How can you benefit from the VPP program?” Read below and find out how:

  • Eligibility: Full-time employees of Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) and its affiliate companies; along with retirees and surviving spouses; immediate family members including spouses, parents, in-laws, children (including in-law and step-children) and siblings (including in-laws, half-brothers and sisters, along with step-brothers & sisters). One must live in the US to be eligible.

  • Employees of NNA and affiliate companies are eligible for a total of 12 Nissan/Infiniti vehicles and 8 NCV (Nissan Commercial Vehicles) vehicles per employee. Any or all of the purchases may be made by the employee, immediate family or extended family members and friends. Vehicles must be for personal, not business, use (excludes NCV).

  • Extended family and friends of NNA and affiliate-company employees are eligible for a total of two vehicles per participant. Vehicles must be for personal use, not business use.

  • Trade-Ins: The value of any trade in may be used to pay for a car, but not used to determine the purchase price. It’s handled separate from the VVP price calculations.

  • Leasing: If you lease through NMAC (Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation) or Infiniti Financial services, a special leasing incentive may apply; any VPP core incentive won’t apply to the transaction.

How Do Tax Credits on Nissan Plug-in Hybrid Electric & Electric Vehicles Work?

Not only can you save on fuel costs with the Nissan Leaf, there are tax credits available as well. It’s important to note that when at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles are produced by a manufacturer and have been sold in the United States by each qualifying manufacturer, the credits will begin to phase out over a 1-year period. Do confirm the status with a licensed tax specialist right away if you want to take advantage of these incentives.

IRS Code 30D provides a credit for qualified Plug-in Electric passenger cars and light trucks that were bought during and after 2010. It’s applied as follows:

  1. $2,500 base credit for vehicles that qualify
  2. Plus $417 for a vehicle that draws propulsion energy from a battery that has a a minimum of 5 kilowatt hours of capacity
  3. Plus $417 for every kilowatt hour of battery capacity in excess of 5 kilowatt hours
  4. Total amount of the credit allowed: $7,500

Between negotiating a fair purchase price for an EV like the Nissan Leaf and a tax credit of $7,500 from the government, you could see huge savings on your new EV.

Save Big With Nissan Incentives & Rebates

Here are a couple examples of current Nissan incentives and rebates to give you a clearer idea of the savings you could see on a new Nissan. Do keep in mind that Nissan, just like other automakers, runs incentive programs for short periods of time, in order to have flexibility to modify as needed:

  • 2012 Nissan Armada: 0.90% – 1.90% APR or $2500 – $3500 cash back (expires 4/30/12)
  • 2012 Nissan Xterra: 0 .90% – 1.90% APR or $1500 – $2000 cash back (expires 4/30/12)

When you request your free, no obligation to buy Nissan price quote, you’ll receive the most current available customer rebates and incentives that Nissan is offering in . You’ll also receive competing price quotes from Nissan dealers to give you even more leverage to negotiate a great deal on the new Nissan you want to buy.

These price quotes cost you no money and there is never an obligation to buy. You have nothing to lose and great deals to gain.

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