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How to Save Big on Your New Land Rover

Land Rover Rebates
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Land Rover produces powerful all-terrain vehicles that give consumers 4 wheel drive capabilities as well as plenty of power under the hood. Land Rover provides the perfect combination of muscle and style and is sure to impress any new car buyer looking for a strong, sturdy vehicle.

Land Rover offers four vehicles:

  • Land Rover LR2 - a compact sport utility vehicle.
  • Land Rover LR4 - a mid size sport utility vehicle.
  • Range Rover - a full size sport utility vehicle.
  • Range Rover Sport - a mid-size sport utility vehicle.

Land Rover dealerships offer some great dealers incentives for its new buyers. For those who choose to finance through the Land Rover dealership, they offer APR’s as low as 0.9% for the first 36 months of ownership. Land Rover also offers as much as $4,000 on some of its current models.

On top of these great new car rebates Land Rover also extends great offers to those citizens that serve in the military. Land Rover has a U.S. Military Sales Program that offers substantial savings that are often even lower than the MSRP pricing for its vehicles. If you or one of your family members is enlisted, simply contact a sales specialist and they can tell you specific price savings available to you.

Apart from the normal deals and incentives offered by Land Rover, there are also certain times during the year that may present higher savings to a new car buyer. Let’s take a look at some times that could offer higher discounts at your local Land Rover dealership.

The Beginning of the Week

Weekends are great times for salespeople. People tend to travel to the dealership in packs during the weekend when they are off work and have more free time. The weekend brings the opportunity for a salesperson to be selective with customers. If one customer tries to haggle or won’t budge on the price they want to pay, the salesperson can just move on to another customer, because there are plenty walking the lot.

To get the upper hand during your visit to the Land Rover dealership you should go at the beginning of the week when foot traffic at the dealership hits a depression. Tuesday is probably the best day to exercise this; use Monday as a buffer in between the weekend when dealerships are flush with customers. Salespeople will be coming off a slow day on Monday and the weekend will seem far off in the distance.

The sight of a customer on a Tuesday and the possibility of making a sale can excite them and motivate a salesperson to offer you a better deal than you would get if you went during the weekend.

A great way of finding sales specific to your area is by requesting a free, no obligation price quote. Along with true Land Rover pricing, you will also have the option to directly contact your neighborhood Land Rover dealership to get the inside tip on sales and incentives being offered.

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