Easily Find Dealer Incentives with These Expert Tips

Dealer Incentives
Its no big secret, new car prices are down and by requesting for a price quote you can get current special rebates get afford one at a rock-bottom price!

For starters, there are two main types of dealer incentives- Manufacturer to Customer Incentives and Factory to Dealer Incentives. What most buyers don’t know is that both of these can be used to your advantage.

How the Manufacturer Can Help you Pay Below Invoice

Auto maker to customer incentives can save you amazing amounts of money. There are various types of factory to customer incentives including low-interest financing and dealer cash incentives. Manufacturer to customer incentives can be found in local newspapers and in television ads, however, the quickest way to find the best dealer to customer incentives is by requesting a free, no obligation price quote.

The Truth Behind Factory to Dealer Incentives

Factory to dealer incentives are deals that happen behind the scenes between the dealerships and the manufacturers of the vehicles. These incentives serve to reduce the actual cost a dealership has to pay for the vehicles it buys from the factory.

Dealer holdback is a common factory to dealer incentive. Dealer holdback allows the dealership to keep its showroom well-stocked and attractive for customers. A percentage of the invoice price is held by the manufacturer until the new vehicle is sold, then this cash is returned to the dealership for added profit.

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Car Buying

Dealer incentives are set and controlled by the manufacturer to generate sales on a regional level for different car and truck models. These types of car dealership incentives serve as a good way to spark competition between dealerships to start moving vehicles off their lots, especially the cars and trucks that aren’t being bought up as quickly.

Use this competitive nature to your advantage! Request multiple price quotes and create bidding wars for your business. When you force dealerships to compete, you can save big.

3 Tips on How to Maximize Your Savings with Dealer Incentives

You now know that dealerships receive money from you and the factory when you buy a new car. Use this knowledge to your advantage! Follow these easy steps for amazing savings.

  1. Request a free, no obligation price quote. Your price quote will show you the true invoice price of your new car. You will also receive the top incentive offers from your local dealerships.
  2. Easily Negotiate for Less than Dealer Invoice. Dealerships can afford to sell you your new car or truck for less than the invoice price. Many consumers pay $500 to $1,000 less than invoice.
  3. Apply Your Incentives. Once you negotiate for a set price, apply the incentives you receive with your free price quote for ultimate savings!