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About General Motors

General Motors has been a leader in the industry for a long time; weathering tough economic challenges and emerging even better able to produce quality cars and trucks. They’re committed to their customers, employees and communities throughout the world, as exemplified in the key points of their mission statement:

  • Quality and safety comes first;
  • Create lifelong customers, through earning their loyalty and confidence
  • Challenging themselves to be innovative and a leader in everything they do
  • Delivering long term value, by developing the world’s best cars
  • Making a difference, from finding ways to improve operations to volunteering in their communities, they know forward movement is a direct correlation to positive change

From tough heavy duty trucks to electric and mini-cars, along with everything in between, GM’s vibrant brands offer a wide range of vehicles in more than 120 countries around the world. Along with their strategic partners they produce, as well as sell and service their vehicles through the brands of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

They have strengthened communities throughout the USA through substantial investments in education, health, environment and energy, and community development. Over the past decade, the General Motors Foundation has donated over $350M to send kids to college, help keep teenage drivers safe, educate parents regarding child safety and much more.

Their commitment to the environment looks to the future through work with students, sharing their knowledge of sustainability with future engineers, leaders and problem-solvers to help build a better future for everyone.

How can GM Incentives Lower the Price I Pay for a New Car?

General Motors incentives and cash rebates are offered to encourage you to buy a quality GM product versus one of their competitors. They might also be offered if a particular model isn’t selling the way they’d like. Before we get to how to negotiate using General Motors incentives and rebates, here’s a breakdown of exactly what they are.

  • Bonus cash, also known as customer cash, is a type of rebate offered by GM that is most often applied to the purchase price. On some rebates there are requirements to be met; such as with a loyalty bonus, you need to prove you already own a GM product. If you currently own a Ford, for example, and want to take advantage of a conquest bonus, you’ll need to prove you’re switching from Ford and buying a GM.

  • Dealer cash is paid to the dealership from the automaker to provide assistance with overheads like advertising. While the GM dealer isn’t obligated to pass it along in the form of savings to you, it can play a big role in negotiations.

  • Zero or low-APR financing offers is just what it infers; low or even zero percent interest on your new car loan. Keep in mind though one must have excellent credit in order to qualify for these types of offers. It really is best to get pre-approved beforehand, so you have something in place in case it won’t work for you or if you find that you must agree to a long loan term. The longer your loan runs the more interest you’ll be paying. You will also most likely have to choose between an APR offer and customer cash; do the math to see which will result in the biggest savings in the long run.

What is the GM Family First Program?

In a nutshell, the GM Family First Program gives preferred pricing and an employee vehicle allowance (EVA) to employees and eligible family members on GMC, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac vehicles. These include:

  • Spouses, children and grandkids, as well as stepchildren and step-grandkids, grandparents (as well as in-laws), parents (including in-laws) and same-sex domestic partners (including the same above-referenced eligible family members). These special incentives and discounted prices are available on most models; however, occasionally there will be a few models that aren’t eligible.

  • People who obtain the GM supplier discount for friends will receive the same preferential pricing as GM suppliers.

So do find out whether you have a relative or friend who works for GM – you could be eligible for additional savings.

Now that you know more about the wide range of General Motives Incentives and rebates, including how you could benefit from a family member or friend working for GM, request your free, no obligation to buy GM new car price quote to receive the most current pricing, along with available General Motors incentives, rebates and special internet offers from top competing GM dealerships in .