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About GM

General Motors was established on September 16, 1908. Back then, founder William H. Durant was the leading manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages in the area of Flint, Michigan. GM is now the world’s largest automaker and sells vehicles in 157 countries all over the globe.

The new General Motors is a revitalized company, freshly recovering from the bankruptcy woes that occurred during the peak of the recession. GM is now passionate about designing, building, and selling the best automobiles in the world through the Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick brands.

The new GM is proud to state their five guiding principles when it comes to manufacturing new cars, and these are:

  1. Safety and quality comes first. Every new GM vehicle is thoroughly tested in order to ensure that safety and quality is not compromised when making new cars.

  2. Create a lifelong relationship with the customer. GM listens to what their customers want, and they strive to meet all these needs in each and every vehicle that they make.

  3. Innovation. GM is increasing their competitive advantage in the market by being creative and innovative in everything that they do.

  4. Deliver long-term investment value. GM wants their shareholders to remain confident in the company by producing the world’s best vehicles and maintaining a high level of integrity in their business operations.

  5. Make a positive difference. GM strives in making a positive difference both in business operations and in the community.

Everything You Need to Know About Discunt Programs From GM

The GM 60-Day Refund Program

The GM 60-day refund program has been offered in the past and covers all the vehicles in the General Motors lineup. The program was designed to highlight GM’s confidence in all their vehicles during the thick of the recession. This offer managed to convert vehicle shoppers into satisfied customers. The program is a testament to the reliability and build-quality of all GM cars, SUVs, and trucks.

The GM Family First Program

The GM Family First Program makes it easy for you and other eligible family members to save more money on every new GM vehicle. Qualified participants can take advantage of discounted prices on new Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC vehicles along with the EVA or Employee vehicle allowance. The EVA allows you to instantly avail anywhere from $250 to $3,000 additional discount for each vehicle purchase.

Who is Eligible for the Employee Vehicle Discount?

The EVA is available to eligible GM employees and retirees including their spouse, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, stepgrandchildren, grandparents, parents, stepparents, siblings, mother and father-in-law, sons or daughters-in-law, brothers or daughters-in-law, and same sex domestic partners or SSDP’s.

What is the GM Supplier Discount for Friends?

Active and retired GM employees can extend the EVA and other special pricing privileges to individuals by giving them the GM Supplier Discount for Friends authorization number. Even if you are not an eligible GM employee, you can enjoy marvelous discounts and special pricing on all GM vehicles if you receive the GM Supplier Discount for Friends authorization code.

What is the GM Military Discount?

The GM Military discount is considered to be the best military discount that is offered by any car company in America. It allows active duty members, reserves, retirees, and their spouses from the US Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and National Guard to enjoy preferred pricing on most new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicle. The preferred price is a discounted figure that is lower than the MSRP, and can be combined with other incentives and cash back offers available on the GM vehicle that you wish to buy. Under the GM Military Discount offer, you can choose to purchase up to two (2) new GM vehicles per year under the preferred pricing method.

What is the GM College Discount?

The GM College Discount is available to eligible participants and is an easy way to enjoy preferred pricing on new GM vehicles. Those who are eligible to receive the GM College Discount are individuals who are:

  1. College students from any two or four-year school.

  2. Recent graduates who have graduated not more than two years ago who want to purchase or lease a new GM vehicle.

  3. Current nursing school and graduate students.

Eligible candidates must present the following requirements in order to enjoy the GM College discount:

  1. Evidence of enrollment in an undergraduate, associate, or nursing graduate degree program; and

  2. College diploma that is dated not more than 2 years before vehicle lease or purchase, from a 4-year bachelor’s degree, registered nursing degree, 2-year associate degree or graduate degree program.

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