The 7 Things You Need To Know To Get A Great Deal With GM Rebates And Incentives

It’s not enough to just have GM rebate and incentive information alone; you need to know some of the games car dealers may play to make sure you really do get the best deal. This article will give you the 411 on on GM rebates and incentives.

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Understanding GM Rebates and Incentives

GM rebates and incentives are offered as encouragement to new car buyers like you to purchase a GM car or truck instead of one from a GM competitor. GM may also offer incentives on a certain model if they’re trying to generate quicker sales. Here are the 3 main types of rebates and incentives that can help you get a sweet deal on a new GM:

  1. Consumer Bonus Cash, a/k/a customer cash, is a type of rebate GM offers that usually is applied to the negotiated purchase price. Some available rebates may have requirements that must be met, for example: Loyalty bonuses require you to prove you’re a current GM customer; there are also conquest/competition bonuses for people who currently own another manufacturer’s product, to encourage them to make their new car or truck a GM.

  2. GM Dealer cash is paid to the dealership from GM to help them with various overhead costs such as advertising. The GM dealership isn’t obliged to share any of their dealer cash with you, but it can play a big part during your negotiations, as they may be willing to part with some of their cash if it means making a sale.

  3. 0% or low APR financing is exactly what it says; low or 0% interest on a new car or truck loan. You’ll need excellent credit to qualify for these offers, so it’s best if you can get pre-approved ahead of time by your bank or credit union. This will give you a back-up plan if the financing offer won’t work for you.

  4. Keep in mind that you’ll have to choose between a cash back rebate and a special APR financing offer. If you know that you won’t qualify for the APR financing (or you can get better terms through your bank or credit union), take the cash rebate.

3 Things You Need To Know Before Negotiating With A GM Dealership

If you want to be able to negotiate a great deal, you need to do all of your research before contacting your local GM dealers. After you have received your free, no obligation GM price quotes and before you pick up the phone or send an email, here are 3 tips that will help you negotiate a great deal:

  1. Do not mention the rebate and incentive information you’ve received, until after you’ve negotiated the purchase price. The same goes for discussing a trade-in or financing. Some unscrupulous salespeople might try to charge you a higher purchase price for vehicles with rebates or not give you a good trade in value. They may even tell you that the manufacturer’s rebate is a part of their dealer discount.

  2. The dealership has already been taken care of by GM through the dealer holdback (dealer cash) and consumer cash back rebates are paid directly to you by GM – it is your money; not the dealership’s! The same thing applies to other incentives you could qualify for, such as a first time buyer incentives or student discounts. Don’t let any dealership take money that is intended to help you.

  3. Any sales transaction should be written up like this: The GM dealer takes the negotiated purchase price and adds taxes, licensing and document fees, etc. to come up with the total price – THEN your down-payment (that includes cash back rebates) and/or trade-in is subtracted to give you the final price.

2012 GM Rebates and Incentives

Here are 4 examples of 2012 GM rebates and incentive offers, so you have an idea just how much money you can save off of the negotiated purchase price of the GM car, or truck you want to buy. Don’t forget that GM contains the brands of GMC, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac, so you have a lot of great choices for a new car or truck.

The following examples have expiration dates of 4/30/12; however, the GM rebate and incentives offers you’ll be receiving will be the most current available incentives that GM is offering in your area.


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