Quick Tips to Uncover Current Dealer Incentives & Save Thousands!

current dealer incentives
It will only take you 60 seconds to Request a price quote and in consequence you’ll enjoy years of driving a bargain priced new car!

Dealers are doing their job - they simply have to make a living. We understand that! The thing is, how much more you’ll have to pay for that new car you’ve been waiting for so long, depends how good they’re at their job. That’s why you should get up to date information, so there’s no way you end up paying more than what’s fair for your new ride. Remember that a dealer is probably counting on your lack of knowledge. If you show up well informed on current dealer incentives he’ll have to change its strategy at the very last minute and suddenly the odds of you losing money with quickly disappear.

In many ways buying a new car is like preparing yourself to battle the salesperson for the best price. Therefore, if you're going into battle, you’d better be prepared with all related information about new car incentives.

How does the dealer make profit?

This is a very important question that you must comprehend to know where to “attack” to get a really low price. You have to understand that dealers receive a sales quota for each month they get to their sales target, that means if the sell X amount of cars, the manufacturer will “give back” X amount of money to them. It’s not that they give back money to their car dealerships, but just like us, car dealerships need to finance the cars they buy from the auto manufacturer, and when they meet these sales quotas, the manufacturer pardons them part of their financing debt. Usually these kinds of incentives are called holdbacks. Still, have in mind that Holdbacks are for dealers and you’re not entitled to them, but if you’re aware they exist you can use them to your own benefit.

Therefore the invoice price shown to you is usually a much higher figure than the true cost the dealership has paid. If you add current dealer incentives and car dealership rebates to the equation you may find that with the right information you may get a deal thousands of dollars below the true dealers cost!

Factory Rebates

These could be special cash back rebates designed especially for customers (unlike holdbacks) were the benefits go through directly to the new car buyer.

By requesting for a free no-obligation new car price quote, you will get closer to knowing real pricing information and current dealer incentives that will help you lower your new car price down. The smartest thing to do is to request for multiple car quotes, this way you’ll be increasing the competition between dealers and you can narrow down to only the ones that are willing to give you the best current dealer incentives. Request for several price quotes and make dealers compete!