How to Receive Top Dealer Incentive Deals in a Flash

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Dealer Rebates and Incentives Help You Pay Below Dealer Cost

Consumer rebates and incentives are fairly simple to understand, basically they are just perks to entice new car buyers to visit the dealership and buy a new vehicle. Consumer incentives can be different kinds of deals, some cash-back rebates, some are low APR financing, some may even combine the two. 

2 Ways of Saving Thousands: Dealer Cash Rebates and Low Financing

  1. Cash rebates return money directly to you. When a manufacturer is offering a cash rebate you get money back for purchasing your new car. If you want cash fast, taking advantage of a cash rebate is the best choice.
  2. Low APR financing deals help you pay less for your monthly payments. With low or 0% APR rates, you pay lower interest on your financing agreement. This translates to big savings over time.

How Factory to Dealer Incentives Help You Pay Below Car Invoice

Dealerships are offered various incentives from the auto maker which returns cash to them. One common incentive is dealer holdback. The factory holds on to a percentage of the purchase price to help the dealership finance the vehicle and keep its showroom well stocked. When you purchase your new car, the dealership receives money from you and the holdback amount from the manufacturer. You are doing a favor for the dealership by buying from them, so make them make it worth your while.

A Free, No Obligation Price Quote Reveals Shocking Dealer Incentive Deals

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