Reveal  Secrets About Factory to Dealer Incentives: The Dealerships Don’t Want You to Know

factory to dealer incentives
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Factory to dealer incentives make it easier and more affordable for dealerships themselves to sell new cars and trucks. Common factory to dealership incentives include sales quota benchmarks or dealer holdback. These processes reward the dealerships for selling new cars. Essentially when you buy a new car or truck from your local dealership, they receive your money AND money back from the auto maker.

Success Strategy: Take Advantage of the Factory-Dealership Incentives and Holdback

Manufacturers and dealerships create a strong business bond. They are interested in working together to successfully sell cars and make as much profit as possible. Incentives are passed along to the dealer to make it more affordable for them to sell cars. Use this relationship to your advantage. Dealer holdback returns cash to the dealership when they sell a vehicle. Request a free, no obligation price quote to discover what the dealership really paid for your new car.

How Factory to Dealer Incentives Will Save You Thousands

Being aware of factory to dealer incentives can directly affect how much you pay for your new car. First, request a free no obligation price quote to discover real time prices, real dealer invoice prices, and factory to customer incentives being offered. Second, use your knowledge of real pricing and factory to dealer incentives to pursue the lowest possible price for your new car or truck.

Proven Fact: Free, No Obligation Price Quotes Make it Possible to Pay Below Dealer Cost

Your free price quote is a ticket to savings. Now that you know dealerships make extra money when you buy from them, you can use your free price quote in ways you never thought possible. Your price quote will show you the true dealer invoice price of your new car. You now know that the dealership can afford to sell you your car for this price or even lower than this price. You will easily be able to negotiate for prices lower than dealer cost.