Take Advantage of General Motors Rebates for Maximum Savings

General Motors Rebates
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If you are in the market for a new car, you should definitely consider General Motors. Some new car buyers are unaware of GM’s available promotional offers and end up paying way too much for a new car.

General Motors rebates, incentives and cash-back offers are just the tip of the iceberg in paying the lowest possible price for your new GM. When you request a free, no obligation price quote you will also receive the General Motors invoice price, as well as the true dealer cost for the GM model of your choice.

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GM Rebates Are Not Enough – You Need to Find the Dealer Invoice Price

You should determine the GM dealer invoice price firsthand. General Motors rebates may be significant enough to allow you to save money on any type of new GM, but knowing the invoice price is still the best way to determine the appropriate amount to pay for your new car.

The invoice price reflects the actual amount paid by the GM dealership to the manufacturer for all of the cars in stock, called the wholesale price.

Use the Dealer Invoice & the True Dealer Cost to Uncover the Real Price

The GM dealer invoice and true dealer cost will include several factors, such as the dealer holdback, destination charges and other vehicle options that you may decide to purchase. You don’t need a degree in mathematics to figure out the fair price to pay for a car and to create a win/win for you and the GM dealership.

You will be surprised to know how the true dealer cost and the General Motors rebates will give you an unbelievably low price for your dream car!

How to Use General Motors Rebates to Further Reduce the True Dealer Cost

Consider the computation below, in order to learn the true price of a brand new GM:

  • TDC or True Dealer Cost = dealer invoice + options + destination charge – dealer holdback
  • Real price = TDC + taxes and licensing fees – General Motors Rebates

A Little Research Will Show You the Way to Fantastic Savings

We can help you locate not only the General Motors rebates, but the dealer invoice price and the true dealer cost, as well. This is the easiest way to begin your new GM buying experience – from the comfort of your home.

Request a FREE GM price quote today and discover all of the most current General Motors rebates and incentives in , so you don’t overpay for your new GM.

It’s fast, it’s easy and the best part is, it’s totally free and there’s no obligation to buy.