Looking for the Right New Car Incentive Information

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The process should be like this, you consider changing your car, you look for rebates and the right car incentive to make this possible. Simple and easy. Before even thinking of heading to the dealership and making a decision you should consider special incentives, low APR financing and other special discounts.

Its not a good choice leaving it up to the dealer. You should take care of your own research ahead of time and gather all the information regarding each car incentive that applies to you. Ultimately, you´ll make your new car choice based on the car's price, which is affected by the car incentives offered to you.

Another important issue is financing. That´s why almost all manufacturers have at least one new car incentive that deals with it. The new car buyer may save thousands with the right financing, and it´s a very good place to start narrowing down your choices. Which model or dealer has the car incentive that persuades you most? Make a list and start narrowing down your choices. A car incentive can vary in different regions. You need to find out what is being offered in your location by requesting for a price quote.

New Car Value

In a car dealership there are two kinds of vehicles, the ones that are entering the inventory and the ones that have been there for a while. The first kind are considered hot new models that could potentially sell well without any incentive attached to them. The second kind have been sitting around, and experience says that they´ll need an incentive to get them moving. “Old” models and inventory are just occupying space for these new models that are arriving. Dealers tend to get desperate to get them off the lot as they are assets that depreciate as each day passes.

When new models arrive, dealers need to start charging full price for them, and that´s very hard to do if next to the “expensive” model is a similar one with great incentives. Keep an eye out for ads focused on the new models, because that's when incentives on the old models will be more impressive.


Availability could be a huge problem when shopping for a specific a new car model. If it´s a hot new model, chances are that you´ll have to wait around until they come by, and the dealer will make you feel that he´s doing you a favor, not the other way around. It´s much more convenient to buy a brand new car that corresponds to the last year's model than having to pay thousands more for another new car that has almost all the same features than the “older” one. Remember that you can get a hold of the right car incentive all year long!

By requesting a free, no-obligation car price quote, you will get real car incentive information that will help you lower your new car price, which means lower monthly payments!