New Truck Incentives & Rebates That Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars

Today’s trucks have evolved from the basic heavy duty workhorses to multi-purpose modes of transportation, due to versatility and features normally found in higher-end automobiles; like heated and leather seats, along with high-tech communication/entertainment features.

Full sized pickups remain one of the most desired vehicles in the USA and with available new truck incentives buying a 21st Century pickup can be an affordable choice.

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What You Should Consider Prior to Buying A New Truck

There are 6 things you need to take into consideration when shopping for a truck, so the truck you buy will fit all of your needs and requirements:

  1. Cab Designs/Sizes: There are normally 3 standard truck configurations, though different manufacturers might market them under different names; crew cabs, extended and regular cabs. The regular-cab will carry 2 to 3 passengers and typically has two doors. The extended cab primarily adds additional storage space and the full-sized trucks can typically carry up to 3 additional passengers. crew cabs contain 4 full sized doors and typically will comfortably carry 5 to 6 passengers.

  2. Seating Configuration: Most trucks have a 3-passenger bucket or front bench seats, with the crew cabs and extended typically offering an option of folding the backseat up or folding half up. Several new full sized trucks let you fold down the passenger seat in the front.

  3. Towing Abilities: Smaller trucks normally can tow 3,000lbs – 7,000lbs, based on how they’re outfitted. Regular, full-sized trucks with particular engine & suspension configurations normally tow up to 12,000 pounds. Full-sized heavy-duty (some makes are named super-duty) trucks come with a fifth- wheel connection enhancing towing capabilities to as much as 30,000lbs.

  4. Fuel Economy/Engine Size: Compact trucks generally have with 4-8 cylinder engines and many full sized trucks have their base model with a 6-cylinder; some full sized trucks use a V8, even a V10 engine with low fuel economy. Full-size heavy or super duty trucks a lot of times will provide a diesel engine giving a lot of strength for towing and better fuel economy.

  5. Drivetrain: Most trucks give a choice of manual/automatic transmission options, and 2WD & 4WD. Several also provide traction-assist devices, such as electronic traction control and limited slip and locking differentials.

  6. Safety: the bulk of trucks provide standard safety features like passenger seatbelts, as well as front airbags; stability control and side curtain airbags are more common on full-sized trucks. Some compact trucks didn’t perform well in crash testing , so look out for backseats not planned to protect passengers in an accident.

The Top 5 Trucks That Generate The Most Interest By Buyers


Ford F-150: When you have a tough job, you need a tough truck to keep up; the Ford F-150 will muscle its way to the front spot. Advanced safety features will keep you in control, allowing you to haul and tow with confidence. You can build the F-150 for level of capabilities that fits your specific needs, to tow even bigger trailers or haul heavier loads.


Silverado 1500: Whether you’re on as job site hauling a large payload or towing the boat to the lake for the weekend, the Silverado 1500 will do all the work hard, so you can focus on having more fun; even if you’re on the job. When your active lifestyle requires dependability and capabilities, the Silverado gladly takes on whatever you throw its path.


Ram 1500: The Ram 1500 is built for strength, with 10,450lbs of maximum towing abilities and a powerful 390hp engine to get the job done with ease. When you need a truck that’s both tough and practical, yet still pleasing to the eyes, the Ram 1500 will satisfy all that – and more. Fully customize your 1500 from a wide array of available cab configurations, bed sizes and trim levels to represent your individual style.


Nissan Frontier: The Nissan Frontier is a mid-sized pickup that perfectly mixes sportiness with practicality, and will give you a smoother ride and driving dynamics than many of its competitors in the class. The Frontier will carry 5 passengers and is offered in many different variations making it capable of meeting many needs: inexpensive work truck, strong off-road explorer and even a family carrier.


Toyota Tacoma: Picture a truck that you can maneuver easily into a parking spot and not cry when you fill up the tank. The Tacoma will give you everything you need and want in your truck, whether you’re picking up building supplies or navigating through rush hour. The Tacoma offers multiple configurations and trim levels to enable you to build your truck as a rugged work-horse or a high end mobile office.

2012 New Truck Incentives & Rebates

In 2012, manufacturers are being extremely generous with their new truck incentives and rebates, enabling you to save thousands of dollars on the new truck that will best fit your individual needs. The following is just a small sample of regional new truck incentives currently being offered:

  • 2012 Ford F-150: 2.9% APR for 36 months and $1000 FC Retail Bonus Customer Cash or up to $2000 customer/bonus cash (take retail delivery by 7/2/12)

  • 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (exc. Hybrid): 0% APR for 60 months or $3000 Consumer Cash (take retail delivery by 7/2/12)

  • 2012 Ram 1500: As low as 0% APR for up to 60 months and up to $1000 Cash Allowance (take retail delivery by 7/2/12)

  • 2012 Nissan Frontier: 0.0% APR for up to 60 months and $500 NMAC Cash or $1500 Cash Back (take retail delivery by 7/2/12)

  • Toyota Tacoma: $1500 Cash Back on a 2012 Special Edition Tacoma; $500 Customer Cash on a 2012 Tacoma (take delivery from dealer stock by 7/9/12)

Now that you have a much better idea of key components to look for in a truck to make an informed decision, if you would like to find the best available new truck incentives currently being offered in simply request your free, no obligation to buy new truck price quote.

With available new truck incentives and new truck dealers competing to give you the best deal, driving home in the perfect truck is just a click away.