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Car Rebates
Find the latest new car discounts & incentives being offered. You can save thousands on your new car purchase by requesting a price quote.

Car rebates are amazing incentives that can save you hundreds. It’s important to understand what new car rebates can offer you and how to take full advantage of them.

Car rebates are very common in today’s car market. Dealers need to keep business booming and the best way to get customers onto their lots is to offer new dealer incentives that make visiting the dealership worthwhile. As a buyer, you should always be conscious of the fact that a rebate offer will not last forever, but a new rebate will eventually come along after the old one expires.

What this means to you as a buyer is that you don’t have to rush into any decisions just because there is a juicy rebate on the counter. It’s important to feel out incentives and make sure the new car or truck you are buying is the right fit for you.

To help you with your new car buying experience, here are some helpful hints on how to handle rebates and incentives .

1. Prepare Yourself Adequately.
Do the proper legwork before going in to the dealership. Depending on a salesperson to give you all the information is not a good approach to car buying.

A free, no obligation price quote can help you track down car rebates currently going on in your area. Newspapers and television ads are great ways to get a feel for the type of sales that are going on but your free price quote gives you the option to be in direct contact with your neighborhood dealerships.

You can talk to the dealership from the comfort of your own home and get more information about car rebates being offered without ever leaving.

2. The More, the Better.
Don’t restrict yourself to one make and model and one dealership. The great thing about being a new car buyer is the diversity of options that lie before you.

Receive as many price quotes as you want on as many makes and models as you can think of. They are all free. It’s important to have several similar vehicle options, because this can be used as a negotiation tool. If one dealership is offering better new car rebates you can try to coax another dealership into outbidding it.

A Prepared Buyer Is a Happy Buyer.

A little bit of effort before going into the dealership goes a long way. Request your free price quote today and begin your journey to buying the car of your dreams!