New Cars Rebates & Incentives

Cars Rebates
Compare new car factory to dealer incentives from all major automobile manufacturers by requesting a price quote!

Rebates on cars are an amazing way to receive as much savings as possible when buying your new car or truck. Rebates and incentives are an extra push for car buyer savings. Taking some time to look for new cars rebates and incentives can save you hundreds on top of your new car or truck purchase.

A savvy buyer knows that dealerships are hard-pressed to get cars moving off their lots, so they often offer rebates and incentives to generate sales. A new car or truck buyer needs to have the mentality of a shark. Wait for the right moment to present itself, and then strike.

As a new car or truck buyer, you need to keep an eye out for cash rebates, manufacturer rebates, dealer cars rebates, and percentage-based rebates. These incentives put money right back in your pocket when you buy.

A free, no-obligation price quote helps you locate these rebates so you know where the best deals are hiding.

The first step is narrowing down your search to a couple similar models. Don’t restrict yourself to one make (such as Toyota or Ford) because different manufacturers offer different rebates and having options at different dealerships strengthens your negotiating leverage.

Do your research and find the best type of car or truck for your needs.

The next step is where the fun begins. Requesting a free price quote opens up a world of car buying knowledge to you. Real pricing, dealer invoice prices, rebates, sales, and incentives are all delivered right to your computer.

The best part is that you’ll never pay a dime for these quotes. Request as many price quotes as you want for as many vehicles as you want, they are all free. We give you your very own cheat sheet to help you prepare for your vehicle purchase.

Your free price quote unveils the true value of the vehicle you are interested in and helps you determine exactly how much you should be paying.

On top of pricing information, we put you in direct contact with the dealerships in your area that have the vehicle you are interested in. You can do most (or all) of your shopping right from home. Chat with a sales representative from the comfort of your living room without feeling pressured or obligated to make a purchase right away.

Trying different dealerships is the best way to find the most savings. Shop around and find out the different auto dealer incentives occurring in your area. You can even use deals from one dealership to try to get another dealership to make a better offer.

Your free price quote is the key to unlocking a world of savings.