Learn How To Use A Rebate For New Cars To Pay Less Than The Dealer Invoice Price

Don’t take the old fashioned approach when buying a new car. Use the internet! You’ll miss out on the opportunity to pay a much fairer and reasonable price for a new car if you don’t.

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  • You won’t be at the mercy of experienced negotiators who might manipulate the facts to their benefit. You will have already run head-to-head comparisons to find the vehicle that will meet your needs, financially and logistically. You will have already received competing price quotes from new car dealers to compare against their dealer invoice price; along with available manufacturer rebates for new cars.

In other words, you’ll have everything you need to take on even the most experienced new car negotiator.

After you request your free, no-obligation new car price quote and narrowed down which car or truck is right for you, the next thing you need to do is determine how you’re going to pay for it. Talk to your bank, credit union or other lender to see what financing terms they’d offer you. Then you can compare those terms against available APR financing offers from manufacturers and/or dealerships.

How A Car Dealer Can Sell You A New Car Or Truck Below the Dealer Invoice Price

You’ve probably passed at least one new car lot on your way to work and seen the same vehicles sitting around day after day. This is something that makes the manufacturers extremely nervous. If the dealerships aren’t selling their cars quickly, they won’t buy new inventory. This is why manufacturers offer the dealerships a lot of help in moving their inventory faster, such as:

  • Generous incentives to new car buyers, like cash rebates, low/0% APR interest financing, special terms to lease, discounts for employees or other money-saving options.

  • Monthly and regional incentives (money) to the dealership and salespeople for hitting their sales quotas, volume bonuses, and end of the year bonuses – all adding up to a whole lot of money.

You probably clearly see, now, how a dealership can sell you a new car below their dealer invoice price and still make a good chunk of profit in the process. So, when you’re negotiating and a salesman tells you they’ll fall on their sword and sell you a car at $50 below invoice, laugh and let them know they’ll have to do a lot better than that if they want to make the sale.

The More Common Rebates & Incentives On New Vehicles

  1. Zero/low APR financing rates could save you a lot of money in interest on your new car loan; however, keep in mind that these offers are extended to ‘well qualified’ buyers and you’ll need excellent credit. Make sure you obtain a copy of your credit report so you know your score. If you see you have a low credit score and there is a cash rebate for new cars on the table, smile and take the money.

  2. Consumer cash back rebates are paid directly to you by the manufacturer when you purchase one of their vehicles. You can use part or all of it (if a substantial rebate) as your down payment if you have more than enough to put down on a new car (possibly combo cash & trade-in allowance). Ask the manufacturer to send you the rebate after you buy the vehicle.

  3. In addition to consumer rebates and incentives offered regionally to the general public, there are other discount programs for specific groups of buyers, including:

    • Loyalty rebates (money) to current customers of a manufacturer who buy another one of their models;
    • Competitive (conquest) rebates to entice another manufacturer’s customer to switch and buy their new car from them;
    • United States Armed Forces personnel;
    • College students/graduates.

If you’re ready to start running head-to-head comparisons of the new cars you’re interested in buying, simply request a free, no-obligation new car price quote. Evaluate the competing price quotes from new car dealers and find out which manufacturer is offering the best consumer rebates for new cars and trucks.

Then use the information in this article to negotiate a great deal on the new car or truck that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.