Actual Dealer Cash Incentive & Rebate Offers

dealer cash incentive
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Looking for dealer cash incentive and rebate offers is a great way for a new car buyer to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their new car or truck. Knowing the best timing for this is essential to getting the best out of your auto dealers incentives.

There are certain times throughout the year where dealerships are more willing to offer better deals to get cars moving off their lots.

Holidays are always great times to look for dealer sales incentives events going on at your local dealerships. Nearly any holiday gives dealerships a reason to extend offers of savings to customers. Stay alert around the 4th of July, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and Christmas for the best deals.

The end of the year is always a good time to seek out cash incentives as well. Along with the December Holidays, the end of the year also marks the point where quotas need to be met. Dealerships need to try to reach their yearly quotas for sales so they will be more inclined to drop prices on their lots.

Another great thing to be aware of, as a car buyer, is how long cars are sitting on the lots at your local dealerships. Cars that remain on dealership lots for prolonged amounts of time cost the dealerships money.

To remain successful, dealerships must keep a constant flow of cars and trucks coming onto their lots and being sold off to make room for the next fleet of vehicles. When you are approaching the time when you are ready to buy, start paying attention to what models are having a hard time selling. If you can focus on individual vehicles that have been there awhile it will work even better to your advantage.

A dealership will be more willing to offer you a good deal on a new car or truck if it has been sitting on their lot for a long time. This is a great negotiation piece to use as well. At the time of negotiation it is smart to remain conscious of the fact that you are doing them a favor by showing interest in this vehicle that has had trouble selling.

Requesting a free, no obligation price quote is another great way to find cash to dealer incentives offers at your local dealerships. Your price quote delivers all the precise pricing information you’ll need to know about any new car or truck you may be interested in.