New Car Dealer Incentives Explained

car dealer incentives
By requesting for a new car price quote you could start now using current rebates and incentives to lower your new car monthly payments and save thousands!

Car dealer incentives are anything that makes you prefer a certain car model over the other, and usually they involve price discounts that lower the base purchase price of the car, making it more convenient for the customer to buy it. Most incentives are created or advertised to sell more vehicles or growth sluggish model sales.

Car dealer incentives can be destined either to the new car dealer or to the new car buyer, there are great variations on this subject and sometimes the manufacturer leaves the incentive at the dealers judgment to apply it or not. Another reason for you to be aware of them and if one exists, bring it up while negotiating.

When requesting for a new car price quote, you should know that the price you receive it usually includes car dealer incentives, but is not a set on stone rule. It may happen that you’re given a quote without the incentive, and if you’re aware of true reliable incentives being applied you should start negotiating.

When is the best season for incentives?

Nowadays there is no fixed time of the year where there are significantly higher incentives as you can find good car dealer incentives all year long. For a number of years, the new car model season arrived in April-may. The new car market is so competitive and crowded that car companies are now developing new models all year long and with various launch dates that make incentives unpredictable. The only way to gather truthful information about car rebates & incentives is to request a new car price quote.

Because new models are launching all year long, you have to be attentive to the “cycle” of the particular model or models you’re interested in. For example recently the Chevrolet cobalt that was about to be replaced by the Chevrolet Cruze had enormous discounts, incentives and rebates, but not all Chevy dealerships where offering them. That’s why finding the right dealership could make a huge affect your wallet.

Car dealer incentives tend to work like this: one automaker introduces a brand new car incentive that attracts buyers and consequently other auto producers start using that incentive or a variation to fuel up sales, like kind of a domino effect.

What do you need to know to get a consumer incentive?
These kinds of incentives are the ones that you’ll get tired of hearing on the radio or TV, are those car dealer incentives that are publicly advertised. To be sure you’re 100% informed you need to request a new car price quote, therefore you’ll get the secret incentives dealers don’t want you to know about.

When dealing with a manufacturer to costumer incentive, you’ll usually have to choose between a cash back offer or a low loan interest.

Get started today by requesting a free no-obligation new car price quote! Learn everything you need to get a great deal with the best car dealer incentives in minutes!