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car rebates & incentives
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Don’t think that new car rebates & incentives are merely some diversion to make you start negotiations and then “Bam!” you get scammed, its not like that. Car incentives usually are designed to give sincere saving to the customer and make new vehicles more affordable to them. If vehicles are more affordable, sales will increase and if sales increase that means more profit for both the car dealer and the manufacturer.

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Your free, no obligation price quote offers you the true dealer invoice for any new car you want to buy. Knowing this information puts you in a position of power. You will know exactly how much your new car is worth and how much you should pay. Combine rebates and incentives to pay an even lower price for your new car.

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When trying to save money, a free price quote is everything. Great information regarding current new car rebates & incentives may be the key to getting an unbeatable deal. Be aware that manufacturers will most likely offer you cash back rebates and low APR financing. These incentives can drop the price on your car by thousands of dollars which means lower monthly payments.

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Being aware of the true dealer cost and current dealer incentives is a huge plus when negotiating. Imagine you’re negotiating online with two car dealers at the same time, and have various new car rebate information. You can use it at the right time to create a bidding war between these two dealers. New car prices will fall right before your eyes.