Uncover the Secrets Behind the Dealer Incentive Program

dealer incentive program
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There are several things that car dealers would wish you were not aware of. For example, they wouldn’t like for you to know their selling tactics or financing secrets. Even more so, they don’t want you to know about the incentives they receive from manufacturers. The best dealer incentives are the ones they would most like to hide away.

New car dealers are not obligated to pass factory to dealer incentives on to the consumer. Despite this, you can still take advantage of them when buying a new car or truck. If you are aware of current dealer incentives you could save thousands of dollars! The key to taking advantage of these discounts is simply knowing that they exist. Use your knowledge to negotiate an incredible bargain.

To take part in a dealer incentive program, the dealership must meet the manufacturer’s requirements. These requirements include customer satisfaction and sales volume. Manufacturers review inventory records of cars sold indicating whether the dealership met its sales goals. They also review new car buyers’ satisfaction surveys and opinion ratings

Reaching Sales Goals

Manufacturers aren’t just giving away free money to dealerships. There are clear reasons behind their incentive programs. Their motives are simple, a new car dealership is place where the manufacturer’s products are displayed. Consumers associate their brand directly with that dealership.

They are trusting that the car dealer will project the right image of their brand. Of course, making sales is important to this equation as well... The manufacturer uses dealer incentives as a way to make the dealership commit to reaching specific sales goals. New car dealerships are given fixed sales numbers that they have to accomplish weekly, monthly and yearly. If they fail in reaching them they will not receive their incentives.

By knowing this information, you can make a difference in the price you get on a new car. If a sales deadline is nearing and they have to meet a certain quota, dealers will be willing to make very little profit on the sale of a car. You can find dealerships eager to slash prices to make sales by requesting a free no-obligation price quote. You will receive offers directly from the dealership’s Internet sales department. These prices often include special online only incentive reductions. Some may even be at or near the invoice price of the vehicle you are shopping for.

Customer Surveys

After you buy a car, chances are that you’ll be given a survey allowing you to make a statement on paper of your general buying experience. These surveys may be electronic. They are then collected by the manufacturer and studied carefully. This response may determine the future of your local dealership.

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