Watch Out for Dealer Incentives and Rebates

dealer incentives and rebates
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Before buying a new car, you've got to be informed on current dealer incentives for the car segment you’re interested in. Be aware that to stimulate sales, manufacturers offer to their dealerships special dealer incentives and rebates. These dealer incentives and rebates are definitely an added benefit for the new car buyer as they give you the chance to save thousands. Low interest financing and cash back rebates are two of the most popular ways in which these dealer incentives and rebates are given. As it’s not possible to combine them, it’s up to you which one is the best.

Which New Car Models Offer the Best Incentives?

The slower the model is selling, the bigger incentives it will have. Manufacturers tend to “come to the rescue” of particular models that aren’t selling well on their own and need a little help. What you can expect on these models are:

  • Higher rebate amounts.
  • Low APR rates.
  • Free add-ons or accessories.
  • Extended warranty programs.

Moreover, no matter the model, there are special times of the year where all vehicles are offered with good dealer incentives and rebates. When the end of the calendar year or the model year is coming dealers need to make room for newer models that will be arriving. Great deals will be available if you have the right information on where to find them.

Choosing the Right Rebate or Incentive

Usually the new car buyer has to make a decision, which rebate will save you the most, the low finance rate or the cash back rebate. By doing some very simple math you can determine which one will help you save more in the end.

Calculate how much interest you would have to pay for the loan. Then measure it against the cash-back rebate amount and see which one is bigger. If the cash rebate means a greater savings than the interest fees then the new car rebate would be the best choice. Remember that most cash back rebates can also be used as down payment which will lower the total amount of interest paid on the car loan.

Other Auto Dealer Incentives to Consider

Other auto dealer incentives and rebates are also available to the new car buyer. Free accessories or add-ons may be also an option depending on your negotiation skills and these kinds of new car incentives can be combined with others. Different incentives can have more value to a customer than others. Which incentive is the right for you would depend on your personal preferences and situation.

Before looking for a new car it’s always best to do some homework. Request a free price quote on any new car and find the best possible deals, at the lowest price in your town.