How to Identify Dealer Incentives

Dealer Incentives
It's no big secret, new car prices are down and by requesting for a price quote you can get current special rebates get afford one at a rock-bottom price!

Dealer incentives are a great way to get something back from your new car or truck purchase. There are two facets to dealer rebates: Dealer to customer incentives and factory to dealer incentives.

There are various types of dealer to customer incentives including low-interest financing and cash to dealer incentives. Dealer to customer incentives can be found in local newspapers and in television ads, however, the quickest way to find the best dealer to customer incentives is by requesting a free, no obligation price quote.

A free price quote puts you in direct contact with your neighborhood dealerships. On top of reporting the most up to date and accurate pricing information on any new car or truck you want, our price quotes also allow you to openly communicate with dealers from the comfort of your own home.

By opening that line of communication you can easily receive information on any special incentives, sales, or rebates that each of your local dealerships are currently offering.

Factory to dealer incentives are deals that happen behind the scenes between the dealerships and the manufacturers of the vehicles. These incentives serve to reduce the actual cost a dealership has to pay for the vehicles it buys from the factory.

Dealer incentives are set and controlled by the manufacturer to generate sales on a regional level for different car and truck models. These types of (car dealership incentives - car-dealership-incentives) serve as a good way to spark competition between dealerships to start moving vehicles off their lots, especially the cars and trucks that aren’t being bought up as quickly.

A common factory to dealer incentive is a rebate that a dealership starts to receive once it reaches a target sales number and after that mark is hit the dealership begins receiving money back from the amount it paid for its fleet of cars.

Now that you understand a factory to dealer incentive let’s look at how these incentives can benefit you as a new car or truck buyer.

Dealer to customer incentives automatically benefit the buyer, however, to take advantage of factory to dealer incentives you’ll need to negotiate for the perks.

To begin with it’s important to understand factory to dealer incentives give motivation to dealerships to sell their cars as quickly as possible. They want to reach that target mark so they can begin receiving money back, so the quicker they sell their vehicles, the quicker they get rebates. Dealerships will be willing to give a good deal on car pricing if they are nearing that target sales mark.

A free price quote can help you see the true value of a vehicle through the dealer invoice price. Once you know exactly how much the dealership paid, you can use your knowledge of dealer incentives to help negotiate for a price close to this target number.